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With its integrated emphasis on healthy people, healthy pets, healthy homes and a healthy planet, Natural Medicine World is the leading platform for the burgeoning natural lifestyle movement. We strive to reflect the main pillars of health comprehensively within these editorial sections.

Stay informed with this cutting-edge, condition-specific section. We highlight symptoms as well as solutions by offering investigative reporting and advice on modalities, nutrition and natural medicine.

We round up fresh, organic foods and seasonal favourites. Get the nutritional lowdown, recipes, and practical cooking advice. Food nourishes the body and soul, but can also be juiced for a rapid health boost.

We help you navigate the confusing world of herbs, vitamins and supplements. Traditional and Natural Medicine can address a wide-range of health concerns.

There are so many practical ways to strengthen the body, clarify the mind and open the heart. Explore pursuits and practices that may assist you to achieve physical and emotional balance.

We invite you to explore the latest trends to maintain a healthy living environment. Our experts provide solutions to promote an environmentally friendly, sustainable home and office.

Our choice of body care products can have a significant impact on our health and the environment. With so many toxins in face, hair and beauty products, we need to be vigilant. Stay informed and beautiful, naturally!

Advice for the whole family: See the importance of a preventive approach, the role of optimum nutrition, and the benefits of supplementation.

Stay healthy naturally. Caring for your body during pregnancy is now more important than ever. Give your baby the best start in life.

We feature the latest research and natural solutions to common childhood health concerns.

Exercise is key to optimal health and weight management. Get fit safely, with expert advice and prevent injuries and fatigue. Boost your sporting performance with advice on supplementation and nutrition.

Ever increasing in popularity, Yoga has become part of everyday life for so many – young and old. Discover the teachings behind Yoga, Pilates, Thai chi and more… Learn a few new moves whilst you are at it!

Our content in this section deals with real life issues that affect mind, body and soul. We recognise the role of Spirit in healing and the importance off a well-balanced body and mind.

There is no reason your pet should be left out of your natural lifestyle. We cover common conditions and give advice on behavioural and health concerns to keep your pet in top shape.

Our official recommendations: An in-depth review of health products, equipment and devices.


Over the years we have been fortunate to work with an incredible team of experts. Now is your opportunity to discover the people behind the articles. Watch thoughtful, provocative, freestyle interviews.

Stay informed on the latest news and research in the field of natural medicine and health from around the world. Take small steps with us towards healthy living.

Discover the brightest minds and biggest hearts in health and healing, past and present. We highlight the inspiring work of pioneers in the health industry.

A panel of independent experts, consisting of doctors and other healthcare practitioners, answer your questions on everyday challenges to optimize health and prevent ill health.

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