7 Fun Yoga Poses To Do At Home With Your Kids

    On a daily basis children are encountering emotional, social, and physical challenges. Yoga is a fun way for them to learn about many things that will help their overall development.

    On a daily basis, children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges. Yoga provides a fun way for them to learn many things that contribute to their overall development.

    Introducing yoga at an early age inspires children to adopt a well-rounded healthy lifestyle and supports their learning of important values and life skills such as truthfulness, gratitude, balance, and self-discovery. Yoga extends beyond mere stretching. By embracing all aspects of yoga, children are encouraged towards healthy eating, environmental awareness, creativity, mindfulness, breathing techniques, relaxation, physical activities, and emotional and social stimulation through fun and interactive postures.

    Having taught yoga to the girls at Micklefield Primary School for four years and volunteered with the Earthchild Project for over five years, I can attest to the unique nature of teaching yoga to children. While adults focus on stress management, fitness, or spiritual connection, children simply want to play and express creativity. Yoga for kids should be enjoyable, a magical part of their day where they tell stories with their bodies and imagine they are animals like crows or gorillas, moving accordingly. One of my favourites is during Cat and Cow pose when we ‘meow’ like cats or ‘moo’ like cows!

    Children absorb information more readily than adults. In a yoga session with adults, you often need to repeat yourself numerous times before they grasp a concept, whereas children can recall something you said months ago! Yoga, with its positive messages, thus provides children with a wonderful escape from ‘real’ life and other exercises primarily focused on competition or achievement.

    Practising a few yoga poses at home is a beautiful way to connect with your children in a playful and interactive manner.


    1. Sun Salutations

      If you're familiar with the basic Sun Salutation routine, it's a fun activity to do with your children. As you lift your arms and gaze at the sky, exclaim ‘Hello sun!’ then fold forward and transition through the routine. Vary the pace — go slowly or double-time — to make the sequence more challenging and enjoyable. Starting our class with light-hearted and energising Sun Salutations always elicited bursts of laughter.

    2. Tree Pose

      This pose enhances focus and balance. To maintain balance, one must be quiet and still, teaching children the values of calmness and centredness.

      Stand firmly on both feet. Press one foot into the ground and lift the opposite leg off the floor, placing that foot on your ankle. If stable, experiment by placing your foot on the inner thigh of the supporting leg. Ensure the bent knee points outwards while keeping hips forward. Place your hands on your hips or together in front of your chest — then raise your hands to the sky, envisioning yourself as a sturdy, towering tree. Hold for a few breaths, then switch to the other side.

    3. Cat and Cow Pose

      Position yourself on all fours—hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Arch your back upwards into Cow pose, gazing at the sky and reaching your belly towards the floor — say ‘Moo’. Transition into Cat pose — round your spine, look towards your belly button, and say ‘Meow’.

    4. Butterfly Pose

      Sit on the floor, bend your knees outwards, and bring the soles of your feet together. Hold your feet and draw them close to your body. Sit upright. Slowly move your knees up and down in a flapping motion towards and away from the floor, while also flapping your arms like butterfly wings. During this exercise, we play a game pretending to consume pollen from flowers. In my classes, I often ask children what type of flower they are eating, engaging them while moving their bodies, opening their hips, and stretching their muscles in this active pose.

    5. Happy Baby Pose

      Lie on your back, draw your knees towards your belly, and grasp your shins, pulling your legs inwards. Then, grip the outside of your feet — keeping knees bent, lift your feet towards the sky and open your knees to the sides. Press your hands into your feet and aim to keep your lower back on the floor. Rock gently from side to side to intensify the stretch.

    6. Child's Pose

      This pose offers a chance to show affection to your child. Have them sit on their shins, then fold their bodies over so that their foreheads touch the floor and arms rest by their sides. Here, you can massage their back and shoulders. It's an ideal pose for regrouping and resting, so maintain a calm and quiet atmosphere to connect with them.

    7. Savasana

      Final Savasana or resting pose is one of the most challenging postures with children. Encouraging kids to lie still for five minutes can be a task. However, this pose is essential at the end of every yoga session, teaching them to be calm and relaxed.

      Have them lie on their backs with arms and legs slightly apart, eyes closed. I often guide a relaxation exercise here — prompting them to ‘relax your toes, relax your ankles, relax your legs…’ progressing up their body so they can consciously focus on relaxing each body part. It's also a perfect opportunity to play a soothing song (ideal before bedtime) or engage in positive visualisations (such as imagining being in their happy place and feeling the sensations in their body).

    To enhance your home yoga routine with your children, consider using the Calm Classroom card deck, featuring over 35 desk-based cards with essential calming techniques to boost academic and personal success. These techniques aid children in managing and regulating their behaviour in daily life. Imaginatively designed, the cards suit busy schedules and limited spaces, making them an excellent tool for educators, parents, and therapists.

    Children are natural-born yogis. Transform your yoga sessions with them into a game and relish the quality time spent with your little darlings!

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