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    About us
    About us
    About us

    At the root of our appeal is the quality of our content. We provide information on health that is objective, authoritative, consistent and credible in article, magazine and video format.

    The articles are written by independent health professionals who receive no remuneration for their submission thereby making the articles unbiased and objective.

    Many practitioners have come to understand how important it is to integrate complementary medicine into an allopathic practice and to look at their patients in a more holistic way and not just treat symptoms.

    Daleen Totten has an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of health and natural products. She has been researching & publishing on natural health spanning 30 years. She published The Complementary Medicine Journal and is co-founder of The South African Journal of Natural Medicine, that evolved into a monthly magazine: Natural Medicine.

    The content of the magazine is now available globally here as open content, brought to life by video interviews and product reviews. Our readers and viewers trust us to educate, advise and motivate towards optimum health.