Advantages of the Twister 

Water is more than the sum of its properties. Naturally flowing, living, spring water is finely structured with the ability to react to external information or to further convey information. The work of the late Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto demonstrated a quality of water whereby it can be ‘in-formed’, enabling its harmonically recognizable structures to be described.

Municipal or bottled water has lost its structure because it is transported or bottled by means of high pressure and via straight, long pipes. According to water expert Karlheinz Asenbaum, author of the book Elektroaktiviertes Wasser, during this high pressure, the free water molecules are pushed together into so-called clusters (clumps of water), rendering them energetically almost worthless for the body.’ Structured water helps the body to more effectively absorb and transport nutrients.

Series of investigations with various vortex generating technologies show that when water is moved in a vortex/swirl, it will then exhibit more water ice crystals in an orderly structure. What is interesting is that a vortex is more than just a vortex because it is important what form the vortex shapes itself into.

The patented Twister produces a right-turning vortex through the specially designed blade at a very high speed. In about 40 seconds only, the large clusters are destroyed and the restructured water is softer in consistency, much like natural, living spring water. In addition, harmful vibrations (frequencies) present in the water, as described by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), are destroyed.

The body immediately recognises the higher quality of the Twistered water. You may feel more thirsty when you start using the Twister – your first positive reaction to Twisterwater. The use of direct current (4.6 volt rechargeable battery) prevents the storage of negative information (e-smog) in the liquid. Twister makes the water more alkaline than before because of a gas exchange – carbon dioxide in the water is displaced by oxygen.

The inventor, Alfred Theuretzbacher (Mr Twister), designed the Twister to enable blending of powdery protein drinks on-site at sports events. The Twister is ideal for the homogeneous production of all kinds of shakes with food supplements and additives such as protein, superfood powders, base powder, mineral salts etc. From baby food to medication to dressings, scrambled eggs, soups and even wine, Twister revitalizes the liquid. Due to the strong swirling of the TWISTER POWER at 16 000 rpm, all the ingredients are lump-free, taste much more intense and are immediately bioavailable.

To avoid water leaking in to the battery unit and having to replace batteries, make sure you get the original Twister, made in Europe and only available in South Africa from Dreamcatcher Trade. For enquiries email or call +27 21 2761000.

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