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Natural Medicine World has been dedicated to providing current information on the uses and benefits of natural products to the general public and practitioners for more than 20 years. 

Our panel of independent experts, consisting of doctors and other healthcare professionals, write our objective, specialist articles from practical experience. As a result, Natural Medicine World delivers the industry’s most credible information. We are best positioned to enable you to reach engaged, intelligent consumers who are highly motivated to purchase products to support their healthy lifestyles. 

Our 4 step process to say what you can not.

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1. Research to Saleable Benefit

We manufacture credibility.

Our production machine ensures our research delivers saleable benefits in order to conceive and develop:

  • a story arc for video production
  • content for product reviews
  • social media posts
  • newsletters and
  • web tile adverts

2. Production

Quality, relevance and purpose underlines our expertise:

  • origination of contextual communication
  • expert content writing, editing and proofreading
  • filming
  • video editing
  • packs shots
  • graphic design (and web development if required)

3. Exposure Pipeline

Place an advert with content that matters on a platform that matters!

  • Web tile adverts
  • Video
  • Associations & Organisations
  • Product Review
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsorship

4. Boost Funding 

Intelligent Boosting & Demographic Selection

Reach is not enough. Unit sales are not achieved solely by eyeballs on adverts but depend very much on the potential buyer being interested enough to click on an advert. Click-through depends of the quality of the post as well as the credibility of the page.

We are experts at selecting a demographic that will give you the required advert exposure – not only by reach, but by engagement and click-through. 

Targeted adverts with credible content yield the best results.

Specific Posts click thru rate (brand advertising) is 1,15%

Credibility Posts click thru rate is 3,22%


The consistent click-through rate of Natmedworld audience is 4%, that is 400 times the Facebook average of 0.9%

YouTube average is $10 to $20 (R146 to R293) per view. We are averaging a fantastic R25 per view.

Adwords has an average cost per click of R25 to R30. We are averaging a fantastic R3,69 per click.

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Topline results of a COVID-19-focused consumer survey funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN; Washington, D.C.) and fielded by Ipsos (Paris, France), found that the use of dietary supplements has increased dramatically following the pandemic. Results showed that 43% of supplement users changed their supplement routines since the pandemic began, with 91% of those users reporting an increase in their supplement intake, which includes adding new supplements to an existing routine (46%), taking the same supplements more regularly (25%), or increasing doses (22%). 83 % believe these products play an important role in helping to support health and wellness during COVID-19.
Dietary supplements continue to play a critical role in the lives of most. Among the reasons for increasing supplement usage, immune support (57%) and health/wellness benefits (53%) were the most commonly cited. Of specific ingredients, multivitamin (59%), vitamin C (44%), and vitamin D (37%) saw the biggest boost.
Chris Jackson, senior vice president, public affairs, Ipsos, in a press release, said: “The data not only show increases in supplement intake throughout the pandemic, but point to sustained usage in the future as nearly all supplement users who changed their regimen (98 %) indicate that they are likely to continue with their current dietary supplement routine moving forward.
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Web banner tile ads on

Position your product alongside relevant editorial written by experts with experience in their field.  Ad blockers cannot block your advert. 

Web banner tile options: 

A) 900 x 900: R6 000 per annum

B) 900 x 1800: R12 000 per annum


  • Rich media, add 20%
  • Clickable feature
  • Includes intelligent boosting (R200 per month)
  • No advert rotation
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Maximum ads booked per article: 3 x option A or 2 x option B
  • 1st option will be given to already booked ads on annual renewal
  • No home page tiles offered.

To gain additional traction, boost online periodically.

web ads media kit

natmedworld web banner ads


Videos have become essential as attention moves away from reading to watching.

To grow sales successfully, we need to build credibility, using video as the new platform. It is important to tell an engaging story – and stories sell.

In 2020 – a world of fake news – it is required to not only manufacture a product but guide the buyer by providing credibility to effect purchase. This is done by combining two approaches: Contextual and Specific. 

Contextual and Specific

If an audience is presented a claim in an advert, they treat it as that – an advertising claim. However, if an audience is first presented with a non-product, contextual communication (video, newsletter, article, social media etc.) – in a creative way – which makes an actual claim, and the same audience is then presented with a specific product communication, which makes the same claim, that claim is believed and acted upon.

Videos are co-owned and hosted on, Natural Medicine World YouTube site and distributed across all NMW social media pages, plus our Newsletter.

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In our videos, we undertake to immersively connect your key brand values with the most deeply felt values and needs of our viewers and readers. Your video will be published on the Natural Medicine World YouTube channel & website, in addition to the Natural Medicine World Facebook page.

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