Advertise 2024 Media Kit
    Advertise 2024 Media Kit
    Advertise 2024 Media Kit
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    Advertise 2024 Media Kit

    At the root of our appeal is the quality of our content, written by experts in their field.

    Consumers are increasingly shifting to online shopping, driven by a growing need for trusted health products. Stress, self-medication trends, and shifting consumer lifestyles can influence the demand for consumer health products. As a result, it has become vital for brand owners to position their products in educational content on digital platforms. Download our online editorial features.

    Magazine features 2024

    Advertise alongside RELEVANT, CREDIBLE, INDEPENDENT and EDUCATIONAL content.  Online Editorail Calendar 2024


    Our audience (LSM 7 – 10 and SEM Upper Middle 4 – Elite 5) cover a wide demographic from 18 – 64 years old (65% female).

    The general public: Intelligent, well-educated, discerning readers. They value their well-being and the health of their families, friends, society and the environment. Lifestyle is an important focus, but so too are the products they like to use.

    Healing professionals: Medical doctors and health care practitioners.

    Those in the natural medicine industry: They earn their income or a portion of their income from natural medicine or healing such as growers, product formulators, manufacturers, retail buyers, distributors, brand managers and CEO’s.

    Readership Media Kit 2024

    *LSM (Living Standards Measure) developed to SEM (Socio Economic Measure). 


    As a whole, our health product industry is severely restricted in what it can claim or even simply state in its marketing material and packaging. No such restrictions apply to our objective content: articles, reports, reviews and videos.

    Unit sales are not achieved solely by eyeballs on adverts but depend very much on the potential buyer being interested enough in the content to click on an advert. Click-through depends on the quality of the content as well as the credibility of the page.

    All options include carefully crafted content abstracted from the article, distributed across our Exposure Pipeline (funnels), sending traffic to the article. 

    Targeted adverts alongside credible content yield the best results. A boosted article outperforms a boosted advert by 48%.

    We are best positioned to enable you to reach engaged, intelligent consumers who are highly motivated to purchase products to support their healthy lifestyles.

    Editorial Sections

    Product awareness is stimulated naturally through editorial content.


    1. Improve Health
    2. Natural Nutrition
    3. Natural Remedies
    4. Natural Therapy 
    5. Natural Living
    6. Natural Beauty
    7. Family Health
    8. Pregnancy and Birth
    9. Children's Corner
    10. Fitness Focus
    11. Movement and Yoga
    12. Mindy, Body and Soul
    13. Animal Health
    14. Pioneers in Medicine
    15. Ask the Expert


    Option 1 to 4, illustrated above.

    Option 1: Article advert

    Option 2: Listing

    Option 3: Newsletter

    Option 4: Magazine Advert

    Option 5: Product Review and Editor’s Report

    Our research is extensive, objective and credible. We analyze the benefits, features, uniqueness, value, utility and advantage over the competition. We build what you need, starting with a basic rate for a 12 month placement period.

    Contact us for a detailed breakdown of what this entails.

    Option 6: Sponsorship

    A featured tile of 900 x 1800 pixels wide by pixels tall, will be placed at the top of one of our editorial sections of your choice. It will clearly be marked with ‘This section is sponsored by…’ The cost is for a 12 month period and includes boost funding. This sponsorship options includes two 900 x 900 adverts placed within relevant content, that will run for the same period.

    Option 7: Book a page for your company and all its products.

    You can now create a dedicated page on our website to showcase your company's values, history, products, and more. There are no word count limits, allowing you to present your entire product range, bolster brand trust, and share customer testimonials to influence potential buyers.

    Package options are available.


    We invite you to help us optimise our service to you. Giving us the opportunity to work closely together, will ensure the most favourable placement and exposure. Remember, targeted adverts alongside content that is both credible and relevant to your product or service, yield the best results.

    We understand strategy, placement and integration.

    Click Media Kit 2024 to download the media kit with rates as a PDF.

    Email us for details about our rates and editorial line-up or call to enquire +27 82 9030 621


    Daleen Totten and Paul Bosman

    This is the success story of Tara Pharmaceuticals and the hard work and trust between Paul Bosman and Daleen Totten. We achieved the results because his products are effective, safe and of high quality.

    This is what Paul has to say:

    ‘I met Daleen Totten in 2018. We had an open discussion on marketing, content, credibility and collaborating with market leaders to get to speak about disease entities. I wanted to get my products and ingredients verified by a credible third party like herself.

    I needed independent medical doctors to speak about IBS, the treatment options and natural solutions. The public needed to be assured that Tara’s products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility, with good manufacturing practice (GMP) – a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is FDA approved and registered with SAPHRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority). Not all products are the same and one needs to be transparent in your marketing and claims linked to products.

    I really enjoyed and still enjoy working with Daleen and find Natural Medicine World a great platform to get to both my prescribers and my end users. Since starting the collaboration, my sales have increased by 20% year-on-year.’

    Media Kit forset womaan 2024

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