Natural Medicine World is dedicated to providing current information, written by experts on the uses and benefits of natural products and therapies to optimise health and prevent ill health.

Our founder and publishing editor, Daleen Totten, has been doing exactly this for over 25 years through The Complementary Medicine Journal, The South African Journal of Natural Medicine, and Natural Medicine magazine.

Natural Medicine Journal

Our objective and credible content has always served our niche market very well, and this is the basis for our continued success. Our articles are uncensored and independently written by professionals in their field.


Targeted adverts alongside credible content yield the best results. Our consistent click-through rate across all social media platforms, is 4,5%. That is over 400% more than the average of 0.9%. YouTube average is $10 to $20 per view. We are averaging a fantastic $2 per view. Average view time: 4 minutes. Adwords has an average cost per click of $1.77 to $2.12. We are averaging a fantastic $0,26 per click.


Our audience cover a wide demographic from 18 to 64 years old (65% female). The total weekly views across our platforms (excluding our website), is over 80 000 and includes our newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. 

We are best positioned to enable you to reach engaged, intelligent consumers who are highly motivated to purchase products to support their healthy lifestyles. 


As a whole, our health product industry is severely restricted in what it can claim or even simply state in its marketing material and packaging. No such restrictions apply to our objective content: articles, reports, reviews and videos.


Media kit sections


  1. Alongside credible content on natmedworld.com

  2. Our weekly online newsletter sent out as a magazine

  3. Product review

  4. Sponsorship

  5. Filming and a story arc for video production

1.   Alongside credible content on natmedworld.com

Unit sales are not achieved solely by eyeballs on adverts but depend very much on the potential buyer being interested enough in the content to click on an advert. Click-through depends of the quality of the content as well as the credibility of the page.

View our upcoming features list and select relevant content to advertise alongside. Please note that we only place three adverts per article in order of bookings received.

There are two tile size options available (pixels wide by pixels tall):

1.    900 (w) x 900 (h)

1.1 One Month Exposure at R6 000 per ‘tile’.
1.2 Twelve Month Exposure at R18 000 per ‘tile’.

2.    900 (w) x 1800 (h)

1.1 One Month Exposure at R12 000 per ‘tile’.
1.2 Twelve Month Exposure at R36 000 per ‘tile’.

Both options include carefully crafted content abstracted from the article, distributed across our Exposure Pipeline (funnels), sending traffic to the article.

A bonus feature with the annual option is a second round of exposure, when the specified article is placed within one of our weekly magazines. Each magazine itself, travels through our exposure pipeline, thus doubling your reach.

Article banner advert examples

2.   Our weekly online magazine sent out as a newsletter

Our weekly magazine features list will be sent via email once a month in advance. We only have 4 advertising slots available per week at

R6 000 per ‘tile’. Placement in order of bookings received. The magazine, with your advert, will remain on the website indefinitely. Click the below tile to view our 151st issue.

Magazine content

Click to view Issue 151

3.   Product reviews

When we do a review, our aim is leave you with a ‘mini website’ on our platform. Our research is extensive, objective and credible. We suggest you add an i-frame within your own website, featuring our product review. We build what you need, starting with a basic rate of R23 000 for a 12 month placement period. Send us the product and we will research the following, ensuring the review is objective and credible. Remember, we say what you can not.

a) Research raw material source & manufacturing process: R1 000

b) Research the condition/s product addresses, specific to the product’s formulation: R2 000

c) Formulation analysis (strengths & weaknesses): R2 000

d) Delivery mechanism and form: R500

e) Research 1st (main) active ingredient: R4 000

f) Research subsequent active ingredients: R4 000 (subject to quantity and to be discussed)

g) Dosage and efficacy: R1 000

h) Identify unique selling points (USP) & saleable benefits: R3 000

i) Research, Content writing, Reference studies & Editing: Minimum R3 000 (R4 per word)

j) Graphics: R6 000 for 6 impactful tiles, 900 x 900 (pixels wide by pixels tall). This is optional and you may supply the graphics yourself.

k) Tile advert with relevant content, pointing to the product review: R9 000. This is optional.

l) Boost budget for the exposure pipeline: R5 000 to be used in part at the launch of the review, and the remainder distributed as agreed during the 12 month period. This is optional, but highly recommended.

The following can be added to your product review to make it more personalised, and the rate is based on your needs:

  • Social media buttons to your pages
  • Video links
  • Tile banners with url’s to your website and /or online platforms with a call to action, i.e. buy now
  • Additional tiles advertising your product, testimonials, other product reviews or other products in your range.

Annual renewal of the product review will only be the cost of placement, unless new graphics are required or changes to the product has been made. The rate includes 5 updates or changes during the 12 month period. Additional changes will be charged at R1 250 per hour.

Product Review Examples

Click on the graphic to view a Product Review Example

4.   Sponsorship

A featured tile of 900 x 1800 pixels wide by pixels tall, will be placed at the top of one of our editorial sections of your choice. It will clearly be marked with ‘This section is sponsored by…’

The cost is R60 000 for a 12 month period and includes two 900 x 900 tiles within relevant content, that will run for the same period.

5.   Filming, story arc production and video editing

Video is one of the most powerful forms of advertising today! Take hold of the power of video with an interactive / dynamic video campaign. We undertake to immersively connect your key brand values with the most deeply felt values and needs of our viewers and readers. Your video will be published on the Natural Medicine World YouTube channel & website, in addition to being promoted through our exposure pipeline.

1.    Product banner on existing video: R9 500 plus R2 500 boost funding.

2.    New video:

a)    set up fee of R26 000 includes expert interviewer Daleen Totten
b)    R3 000 per minute for 3 minutes (R9 000)
c)     R5 000 boost budget

This brings a 3 min video (4 hours of filming) to R40 000 and includes the R5 000 boost budget to be distributed through our exposure pipeline.

Our hourly rate after the initial 4 hours, is R8 750.

The rate is R2 500 for every finished edited minute after the initial 3 minutes.

YouTube media Kit

Click on the graphic to visit our YouTube channel


The booking deadline for our weekly magazine is every Tuesday and material deadline on Thursdays.


We invite you to help us optimise our service to you. Giving us the opportunity to work closely together, will ensure the most favourable placement and exposure.

Remember, targeted adverts alongside content that is both credible and relevant to your product or service, yield the best results.

To book your advert, contact Daleen Totten directly: daleen@natmedworld.com

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