September 2021 Volume 4 / Issue 168

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Herbs and botanicals supporting immunity experienced extraordinary sales since the COVID-19 pandemic. See our feature article in this issue as we explore various natural antibiotics. Companies are diligently investing in ingredient research to bring more substantiation and credibility to the table.

September 2021 Volume 3 / Issue 167

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M. flabellifolia is believed to be one of the most ancient plants on our planet, found in central and southern Africa. Its name in the indigenous languages where it grows (Uvukakwabafile in isiZulu, Umazifisi in isiNdebele), translates roughly as ‘awake from the dead’ – an appropriate name due to the speed in which in survives and blooms when the rain comes – after months of dormancy and looking dried out and dead after having lost over 95% of its water.

September 2021 Volume 2 / Issue 166

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When training clinical herbalists, the most important thing herbologist Paul Bergner from Colorado asks them is: ‘Do you have a calling? In healing, it’s not as if you get a list of remedies or herbs on the one side and a list of diseases on the other and people come up to you and you need to try and match them up. You’re engaging the patient. It’s all about the magic. About listening to the patient. Hearing their stories. People get a bug for herbalism – a curiosity, a lifestyle. For some, it’s their connection to what is sacred in nature and sacred in themselves.’

September 2021 Volume 1 / Issue 165

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Natural Medicine is not just about medicine and the usual associations with that word. Natural medicine is also preventive medicine. You may not need to take pharmaceutical medicine at all if you pay attention to your nutritional requirements, lifestyle and thought processes. Natural medicine is about surrounding yourself with what comes naturally and letting go of what you can do without. ‘Anything I ever let go of, had claw marks on it.’ ~ Rachel Remen

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