April 2022 Volume 2 / Issue 186

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Natural Medicine World magazine April 2022 Volume 2 / Issue 186 On the 11 of April, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Bloemfontein upheld the judgement of the Gauteng North High Court which struck down the controversial 2017 Complementary Medicine regulations under the Medicines Act. Both the High Court and five-seat bench of the SCA unanimously agreed that the South African Health Products Authority (SAHPRA) have no legal jurisdiction to regulate substances that are not medicines or scheduled substances, and to that extent, the 2017 regulations were ultra virus (unlawful). 

April 2022 Vol 1 / Issue 185

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Natural Medicine World magazine April 2022 Volume 1 / Issue 185 Do you sit for hours every day? You don’t have to be at a desk working to fall in the category of those leading a sedentary life. A study of the habits of nearly 8 000 adults has shown a direct relationship with risk of early death for people who sit for excessively long periods of time. Not only people who are totally sedentary are at greater risk – the length of time spent sitting without movement has a harmful effect, even if people exercise at other times.

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