2022 November Natural Medicine World magazine

November 2022 Volume 2 / Issue 200

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Here it is. The lump in my throat and the 200th issue of Natural Medicine magazine. This is a very personal letter… It all started 25 years ago – almost to the day. I do believe in miracles, and this is certainly one of them. What a journey this continues to be. My life, my love, my dedication – to bring you credible, objective independent information on health – from the brightest minds and the biggest hearts in health and healing globally; alive or no longer physically with us.

November 2022 Volume 1 / Issue 199

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The most obvious sign of ageing is most likely visible wrinkles. But there are other signs that show the body systems are not dealing well with the stressors of life and these include: insomnia, weight gain, food sensitivities, moodiness, memory issues, lack of libido and energy, reduced mobility, dull hair and skin…

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