About Dr Adele Pelteret

Dr Adele Pelteret is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Teacher, and Functional Medicine Lifestyle Consultant with BSc degrees in both Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy. She practises in Pinelands, Cape Town, where she uses an individualised approach to diagnose and treat patients. She is the National Secretary for the SA Naturopathy Association, and has a special interest in physical therapies, ergonomics, epigenetics, public speaking, and corporate wellness.

Chocolate – for the love of it

2022-08-30T18:43:25+00:00By |Natural Nutrition|

Some people think chocolate is in its own separate food group. I personally think, as do many others, that it is an ‘essential’ superfood and that life would just not be the same without it. Chocolate, derived from cocoa beans, has a long and interesting history. The word cacao has changed over the years to cocoa, and was taken originally from the Mayan and Aztec languages.

Why Do We Over-eat?

2024-04-09T19:03:05+00:00By |Natural Nutrition|

Our sedentary, food-abundant circumstances may be a by-product of our ‘success’ as a society, and our nutrient, emotional and spiritual deficiencies a result of our hectic lifestyles – but they clearly create imbalances, gaps and voids in our lives, often leading to overeating and obesity.

Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy

2024-04-09T18:50:18+00:00By |Pregnancy and Child Birth|

Optimal nutrition during pregnancy is the best way of promoting your baby’s growth and development. While the basic principles of healthy eating are the much the same as when you are not pregnant, a few nutrients deserve special attention. Adele Pelteret takes a look at the ones at the top of the list.

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