About Andrea du Plessis

ANDREA DU PLESSIS, BSC DIETETICS, MPHIL EXERCISE SCIENCE, is a registered dietician. Following her initial career as a consulting dietitian, she furthered her studies in the field of sports nutrition with a Master’s degree in Sports Science. As nutrition expert, she has a passion for healthcare through nutrition, natural remedies and an active lifestyle.

Beauty from Within

2021-07-20T14:54:25+00:00By |Natural Beauty|

Are we alone in facing the pressures of maintaining a youthful appearance? Certainly not, if one considers the sheer size of the global beauty industry, predicted to reach the R400 billion mark within the next 5 years.

Got to love Lentils

2021-11-29T08:11:45+00:00By |Natural Nutrition|

Lentils are a most versatile and inexpensive food, and so easy to prepare. Low in calories and fat, cholesterol free and a rich source of iron, protein, vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre, they are also one of the healthiest foods in the world.

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