Ann Gadd

About Ann Gadd

Ann is the author of a number of books, including The A-Z guide to common habits, The girl who bites her nails, The man who is always late, and Finding your feet. Ann spent six years working as a holistic practitioner, teaching art workshops and has spent over 20 years studying the mind/body connection. Currently, in addition to writing and painting, she teaches Enneagram workshops. Ann is also known for her quirky 'sheep/ewe' series of paintings.

Every dog has its day!

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Dog-lover Ann Gadd digs into what acceptable dog-walking behaviour on SA beaches entails, and offers advice on how to make your pooch a top (beach) dog.

Dr Beach – how the beach can improve your health

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Ask anyone to visualise being on holiday and the chances are they’ll see themselves on a beach somewhere. Stretches of white sand with palm trees and turquoise water have become the cliché vacation when we need timeout. We associate going to the beach as a soothing salve for the soul, which is why, come each holiday, thousands of us head for the coast.