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Dr. Frances le Roux is a registered physiotherapist, researcher and writer. She is currently busy with a research project on Music, Aging Brain, Exercises and Neuroplasticity. She has a special interest in Music/Medicine, based on her previous research on music, immune systems and spiritual well-being. She’s a member of the International Music in Medicine Association and on the Editorial Board of Music and Medicine Interdisciplinary Journal. She has published three books: Music is Healing, Music and Babies, and Music and Natural Medicine. Her new book “Son en Suurlemoene” (Music and the journey of chemotherapy) will be published in Sept 2022. Her website is https://www.fhleroux.co.za/

Osteoporosis and your Skeleton – use it or lose it

2021-09-08T13:59:18+00:00By |Improving Health|

The word osteoporosis (from the Greek for ‘bone’ and ‘pore’) tells us that the affected bones have holes in their structure. Osteoporosis has been called the ‘silent disease’, progressing without any outward sign, sometimes for decades, until a fracture occurs. Today, regular bone mineral density (BMD) tests have broken this silence – the disease is now in the open, a challenge to be overcome with specific nutrition, supplements, medicine and exercise.

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