About Jacqueline Wildish

She graduated with distinction as a Nutritional Therapist from BCNH - UK College of Nutrition and Health in 2003. Jackie has worked at The Hale Clinic in the UK, where she gained experience in the field of enzyme deficiencies, particularly histamine intolerance. She now runs a private practice from Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, specialising in the support of symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

The Udder Truth about Cow’s Milk

2022-10-19T18:31:01+00:00By |Natural Nutrition|

We have an enormous love affair with cow’s milk in all its forms – cheese, butter, yoghurt, cream, ice-cream, condensed milk and more. It is a food woven into the fabric, and into official dietary guidelines, of Western society. Cow’s milk was once the traditional symbol of purity and nutrition, but most milk today is not the same wholesome product our grandparents knew. Today benefits of drinking cow’s milk seem to be outweighed by the potential health risks associated with poor-quality, processed and contaminated milk, and by the debilitating symptoms resulting from cow’s milk allergy.

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