About Jasmari Ferreira

Jasmari Ferreira is the founder and director of Falcon and Wolf, an eco-friendly and slow fashion clothing company based in Cape Town. Her products are manufactured from hemp and organic cotton exclusively. She has a Bachelor of Consumer Science degree and is committed to educating consumers on their rights and the impact that their buying choices have on the environment.

The Real Cost of the Shirt on my Back

2023-09-19T11:25:28+00:00By |Natural Living|

The textile industry has had an adverse effect on the environment. On the one hand it has created jobs for thousands, but it has impacted, and is continuing to impact, the environment in a negative way. Jasmari Ferreira offer solutions for an industry that is seriously lacking in promoting environmental sustainability.

Going Solar

2022-07-11T13:06:09+00:00By |Natural Living|

Solar energy has gained tremendous popularity during the past few years and there has been a strong focus on renewable energy sources worldwide. The sun is not only renewable, but also a constant. It is a gift that has been bestowed upon us and can be a solution to many of the problems associated with the way we generate energy.

Memory Retention & Supplementation

2022-10-19T21:17:24+00:00By |Experts|

There are many factors that can influence memory retention. In this article we share tips to enhance memory retention, the do’s and don’ts for optimal brain development and using supplements such as Bacopa monnieri, Gingko biloba and Panax ginseng.

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