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Dr John Demartini is a leading inspirational speaker, authority on human behavior, teacher and author. His knowledge and experience are a culmination of 40 years of research and study of more than 28 000 texts in over 200 disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and theology to neurology and physiology.

A Belief System Based in Poverty

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Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one vibrational form to another. For example, electricity becomes heat in the filament of a lamp, which in turn radiates light, so electricity is light. But the quantity of energy remains constant. A glass of water may be turned into either ice or steam, but in the end one glass of water, not two, remains.

Fall and Rise

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We are stubborn creatures. If we refuse to learn in bliss, we most certainly will learn by amiss. Each trial is a potential stepping-stone to greatness, just as passing each test in school allows a student to graduate to more difficult grades, with increasing rewards for each success. Logically, the student then becomes the teacher for those below, as these lessons are mastered.

Bad and Good

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A stone rolling down a hill will continue downward. A cloud rising upward will continue up. Is the one good and the other bad? Thoughts moving away from Divine order are increasingly chaotic over time and distance, introducing elements of disorder to our lives.

Disease and Health

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Any perceived excess generates imbalance, with a resulting stress upon the system as a whole. Excessive eating, worry, stimulation or sloth will cause ‘defects’ in our body structure. ‘Dis-ease’ itself is a process of too much and too little – function out of time with need – like a tyre out of balance that wobbles as it spins.

An Attitude of Gratitude

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I was born on Thanksgiving Day — my mother, it would seem, wanted me to be a grateful person. One day, when I was about four years old, she sat on my bed, leaned over to me and said, ‘Son, you must always count your blessings because those who count their blessings and are grateful for their life, receive more to be grateful for.’

Love Conquers All

2023-04-20T08:32:02+00:00By |Mind, Body, Soul|

Our sense of true self-worth is the natural product of Love and gratitude for Divine order. In contrast, the drive for materialism without spiritualism, compels a lingering need for hard countable wealth; its luxury and enjoyment always seems to be offset by the calculation, ‘Is this enough now?’

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