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Lisa Ann Catano also known as ONATAH is an Entrepreneur of Divine Providence. A Spiritual Life Coach/ Writer, she works solely with the Subconscious Mind to help people overcome the programs that limit their full potential and Abundance. Her work is pro bono and she is looking to be supported in her calling that is to manifest a world without money. This is based on the natural principles of uncompromised abundance, giving and receiving in Love consciousness as opposed to fear and shortage/ lack mentality. Based in Johannesburg, to get in touch with ONATAH to support her vocation and forward thinking, please email or contact her directly. [email protected], 062 869 1100, website: https://onatahlifecoaching.co.za/

From Victim to Master – the power of perception

2021-09-10T14:03:58+00:00By |Mind, Body, Soul|

While we were taught that our genes (which we do not control) determine our lives, i.e. our behaviour, emotions, character, health and biology, we were disempowered. We are not victims or prisoners of our heredity after all. Instead we have the ability, through the power of perception, to free ourselves and evolve into who we truly are – masters of our own lives.

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