About Margaret Roberts

Margaret Roberts was a herbal pioneer in South Africa. She lectured and consulted on herbs, medicinal foods and environmentally safe natural insecticides at tertiary institutions countrywide and at her Herbal Centre at De Wildt. She has shared her knowledge through over 40 books and ongoing radio and television series. Margaret received a Laureate Award from Pretoria University in recognition of her outstanding contribution to this field.

Tea for two or tea for you?

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Through the years I have found certain herbs to be remarkable in their ability to give effective, quick, and often astonishing, relief of many a common ailment. Making an infusion of the fresh, organically grown plant, and sipping it quietly and slowly often does more to ease the condition than a lot of serious medications, and I have proved this over and over again.

The Many Uses of Citronella Oil

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Used in soaps and creams, citronella oil has antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic, deodorant and anti-fungal properties and is favoured worldwide to keep ants, fleas, ticks, moths, mosquitoes and flies out of the home. Citronella grass will protect you and your household throughout the summer from mosquitoes and flies.

Pomegranate – The tree of Life

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The pomegranate is said to be the Tree of Life, and there is speculation as to whether it was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden! Its Latin name literally means ‘seeded apple’. It is a symbol of hope, one of the ‘three blessed fruits’ in Buddhism, and a symbol of resurrection in Christianity.

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