About Marianne Littlejohn

Marianne Littlejohn is a Registered Professional Midwife, BA Hons (Psych), OHN, Cert. Audiometry, Helping Babies Breathe Instructor and director of the Mtwana Birth Centre. Marianne is a professional midwife with 25 years’ experience. She loves babies, mothers and fathers and believes that safe gentle births empower women and their babies and pave the way for a gentler and more peaceful future! Marianne gave birth to her now adult sons at home and attends homebirths and waterbirths. She is also a director of the Mtwana Birth Centre in Muizenberg.

Exam Stress Sorted

2021-10-13T20:24:32+00:00By |Family Health|

Are you chewing fingernails, taking long breaks in between study periods, eating more, exercising less, cramming more, and sleeping less? Sounds like exam stress to me. Normal life stress is compounded by exam stress and when unusual things happen just before exams, performance can plummet and parents become despondent at their petulant offspring. So what to do?

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