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Dr Raoul Goldberg has practised Integrative Medicine for 35 years in Switzerland, Germany and his homeland, South Africa. His work includes managing an Integrative Health Clinic, the Syringa Integrated Health Centre, and practising as a clinical doctor and counsellor, Waldorf School Doctor, lecturer and researcher. He is the author of Awakening to Child Health and Addictions in Childhood and Adolescence. Dr Goldberg co-founded the South African Complementary Medical Association (SACMA). https://syringahealth.co.za

Communicating with Stressed Children

2023-08-20T10:33:32+00:00By |Children's Corner|

Every child lives out his or her unique life story. Each one is a story about an individual human being on his journey through life, living through countless unique experiences. Inevitably, many of these experiences will be difficult and stressful. It may make a huge difference to his future life if he can share these difficulties with someone. Can we as parents and child caregivers be there for our children and how do we best support them?

A Participatory Approach to Cancer Therapy

2022-08-06T16:55:47+00:00By |Natural Therapies|

Do the mind and the emotions influence the development of cancer? Can the mind be harnessed to help fight cancer? Dr Goldberg explores the impact of the psycho-spiritual on both the development and treatment of cancer. When cancer patients learn to take full responsibility for their own healing and to participate in their healing transformation, the outcome of their illness can be shifted significantly.

Computer & Cellphone Enslaved Children

2022-02-10T08:59:53+00:00By |Children's Corner|

There can be little doubt that electronic technology has opened the way to another form of soul addiction, promising to offer ever-more powerful and interesting gratification to the hungry unsatisfied soul of the child. Computer game, Internet and cellphone addiction disorders are not yet formally recognised as clinical psychological conditions, yet many clinics and rehab centres worldwide are treating them as full-on addictive disorders, recognising that the salient features fulfil all the criteria used to define an addictive behaviour disorder.

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