About Dr Sandra Smit

DR SANDRA SMIT completed a Bachelor’s degree majoring in psychology and philosophy, and a 6-year master’s diploma in homeopathy. In 1998 she established a homeopathic department in a pharmacy in Plettenberg Bay and completed her thesis on the homeopathic treatment of chronic sinusitis. From 2001 to 2004 she managed a health shop and practiced as a homeopath in Ireland, where she became acquainted with craniosacral therapy. In her current practice she combines counselling and homeopathy with the more direct healing methods of bodywork within the scope of craniosacral therapy.

Steps To Help You Sleep

2024-06-22T18:08:10+00:00By |Natural Living|

Everyone acknowledges the critical role sleep plays in our well-being and the profound discomfort that arises from its deprivation. This article doesn't delve deeply into the intricate physiology of sleep deprivation but rather explores the mental landscape of insomnia, with physiology providing a backdrop.

How to Manage Sinusitis Naturally

2024-04-10T12:19:59+00:00By |Improving Health|

Over-use of antibiotics and cortisone sprays has led to more virulent forms of bacterial infections as well as new fungal infections of the sinus cavities. Asthma and allergic disorders often cause chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa, resulting in chronic sinusitis. About 20% of patients with chronic sinusitis may develop nasal polyps, cyst-like growths that develop from sinus tissue and may further obstruct the sinuses.

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