Bach Flower Essences and Tissue Salts relate to Astrology

The ‘Treasury of the Invisible’ in the quotation refers to the ‘Divine Order’ where the archetypes of all manifestation are to be found. It also refers to the vertical causes in contrast to the horizontal causes with which the ordinary physician is concerned. As we know, natural medicine, just like astrology, is concerned with the vertical causes – ‘the inter relation between the domains of the spirit, the soul and the body’.1

Two of the most well- known remedies available to treat the body on a vertical level are the Bach Flower Remedies and tissue salts, both of which have a direct correlation to the craft of astrology.

The essence of true healing is not simply to remove physical suffering; it is to assist the person to come to terms with the cause of the illness, on all levels of the vertical plane, and to understand the significance of the illness as a result. This is precisely what astrology offers – a natal chart in the hands of a qualified and skilled astrologer can yield insights relating to this vertical plane that very few other crafts are able to do. On another level, due to the fact that everything that exists on earth partakes of the nature of the planets, the planets have rulership over everything that exists on earth. This includes the plants and minerals utilised to produce the two remedies in question, as well as the conditions they treat.


They were discovered and formulated in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach and are a simple and natural method of healing through the use of wild flowers. They treat personality disorders as opposed to physical illness and utilise the essence of the plant as opposed to the physical material. Their efficacy is based on the view that although there are thousands of variations in physical illness, the psychological causes are few – the Bach system recognises 38 conditions, each aligned to one of the states that generate disease within the psyche. This form of treatment is entirely benign and involves no physical discomfort, but it must be noted that inevitably there are some diseases that lie beyond the scope of these remedies.

‘It is better to hide my pain from pretentious physicians, perhaps I will be cured from the “Treasury of the Invisible”.’ ~ the Persian poet Hafiz


The Bach Flower Remedies are classified under seven headings, with each category covering a range of mental and emotional states: fear; uncertainty; insufficient interest in present circumstances; loneliness; being overly sensitive to influences and ideas; despondency and despair; and over-concern for the welfare of others.

In a natal chart the seven planets all exist in a certain state – they are dignified, debilitated or simply weak, and the facets of the person that they rule can then be interpreted and assessed accordingly. A weak Mars, for example, may manifest as timidity, fear of the unknown and the inability to pursue goals and dreams, as Mars is the natural ruler of aggression, desire and action. A skilled astrologer is not only able to find the astrological remedies, so being able to determine which of the other six facets of the person can assist this weak Mars, but could also recommend a Bach Flower Remedy that treats the symptoms. Using this example the category of fear or that of despondency and despair could be referred to, and the appropriate remedy within that category located and then recommended.


The founder of biochemistry, Dr W H Scheussler, presented five principles in support of his studies: disease does not occur if cell activity is normal; cell activity is normal if cell nutrition is normal; the human body requires both complex and organic compounds and inorganic substances as cell nutrients; a mineral salt deficiency will impair the efficacy of the cells to assimilate and utilise these compounds; and cell nutrition and metabolism can be revitalised by supplying the deficient mineral salts. Dr Scheussler originally identified 12 vital mineral salts, which are numbered accordingly from 1 to 12 in alphabetical order according to their Latin names. Tissue salts numbers 1, 2 and 3 are calcium based, 4 is iron, 5, 6 and 7 are potassium based, 8 is magnesium, 9, 10 and 11 are sodium based and 12 is silicon. These remedies are completely safe, as you cannot overdose on them; excess is simply excreted naturally by the body. Tissue salts may be administered to children.


The astrological diagnosis is twofold – a selection of the tissue salts can either be based on the planetary rulers of the body parts treated by the tissue salts, or they can be selected on the basis of the planetary ruler of the mineral of which the tissue salt is composed or from which the mineral is derived. I prefer the latter method, as astrologically it is more clean and precise, but I may switch the methodology around depending on the delineation of the astrological chart. Again the condition of the seven planets needs to be addressed – which planets are weak and which are strong – what is affecting them by aspects and receptions, and whether any fixed stars are aiding or hindering them as well. For example, a weak or debilitated Saturn in a chart would require tissue salts 1, 2 or 3 as these are calcium based.

Saturn is the natural ruler of the skeletal system and teeth, and both require calcium for growth and strength. He is also the natural ruler of limestone, a common sedimentary rock which forms from the precipitation of calcium carbonate from water. Calcium carbonate leaves solutions in many ways and each way produces a different kind of limestone. It is interesting to note that too much calcium in the body (Saturn) hinders the absorption of iron (Mars), and we can see the effect these two planets have on each other quite clearly in a natal chart as well. The one is cold and dry and therefore slow and ponderous, while the other is hot and dry and is faster moving and action orientated.


The vertical cause is the foundation on which the application of the two remedies and their astrological interpretation is based. Although it is not a prerequisite for an astrologer to have knowledge of these remedies or to be able to recommend or utilise them, qualified practising astrologers of The Tradition are constantly studying, researching and seeking information on how better to understand their astrology and thus better be able to serve the people who consult with them. Medical astrology is a vast field filled with landmines for some and delights for others, and it is the ability to utilise the material that is ruled by the planets that makes it so exciting and challenging. Alternative medicine understands and addresses the need to treat people holistically, and so too does the astrologer. In a natal chart you cannot single out one planet and assess the person on the basis of that factor alone. Even the facet represented by that planet is influenced by the other planets as well as other factors that are included in the delineation, such as house placement, temperament and many others. Human beings are multifaceted and exist as a series of layers – spiritual, emotional, physical and mental, and these in turn have their own layers, all of which have bearing on each other.


The quest for health and longevity has to be undertaken on a holistic level as it is impossible to achieve the balance required for good health if all levels pertaining to the human species are not addressed. It is apparent that there are many tools available to assist in this quest, and astrology is a leading component of that toolbox. The astrologer can work closely with both holistic and allopathic health practitioners, and it can be argued that compared with the field of science, astrology of The Tradition holds the moral high ground because it is centred on sound philosophies that are as old as man himself.

Assessment of the natal chart can assist with the correct dietary requirements for that individual. It can pinpoint the predisposition to certain types of illness, the correct choice of exercise, and the correct natural remedy based on temperament and the other factors provided by the chart. Recommendations can then be made with regard to alternative and natural remedies such as the Bach Flower Remedies and tissue salts. The astrologer may also simply refer the person to a relevant medical practitioner. ‘Physicians are agreed that when treatment is possible through diet, there should be no recourse through medicine; and when treatment is possible through a simple, there should be no recourse to a compound.’1

It is for this very reason that a natal chart should be used in conjunction with the prescribing of natural medicines, as there is no equivalent to the natal chart – the purity and integral essence as provided by the planets themselves is unsurpassed.


1. Medicine of the Prophet, Ibn Qayyim Al – Jawziyya. Translated by Penelope Johnstone. Islamic Texts Society, 1998.

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