Bad and good

    ‘Bad’ and ‘good’ are measure marks on the same ruler.

    A stone rolling down a hill will continue downward. A cloud rising upward will continue up. Is the one good and the other bad? Thoughts moving away from Divine order are increasingly chaotic over time and distance, introducing elements of disorder to our lives.

    Thoughts moving toward Love enjoy stability and calm, as one nears the centre of Being. A hurricane is turbulent at its rim, while peaceful in its eye. Both conditions exist simultaneously. We choose the direction we travel, in or out of the storm.

    Our perceptions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are arbitrary. Illusion often leads us to believe that we can plant corn and expect wheat, but it is not so. Good and bad are distorted interpretations of what is, in Life. Divinity is the seed of Truth, filled with perfection, order, and Love, planted by Soul, and nourished by conscious effort with gratitude for our Creator, resulting in Divine action.

    An Olympic athlete trains body, mind, and spirit for a lifetime, in quest of a single victorious moment. Inspired thought and wise action guide us to the centre, the winner’s circle. Bad and good are but the necessary training steps along the journey.


    Demartini JF. The Wisdom of the Oracle. 1st Books LibraryTM; 2001.

    Bad and Good

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