BaoCare™ – Healing Skin Naturally

Each BaoCare™ product combines organic wild harvested Baobab oil with natural plant extracts known for their skin healing properties. These expertly blended skincare solutions also contain essential oils known for their beneficial aromatherapy properties.

There are 5 products in the range:

  1. BaoCare Tissue Oil
    Enriched with Vitamin E, this tissue oil is especially formulated as a deeply nourishing oil for very dry skin, scarring and stretch marks.
  1. BaoCare™ Eczema Skincare
    Baobab oil is boosted with anti-inflammatory Calendula and Schizandra, excellent for stressed, sensitive and hyper-reactive skin.
  1. BaoCare™ Baobab oil
    With its light, natural, slightly nutty scent, this rich amber-golden oil is suitable for those sensitive to fragrance.
  1. BaoCare™ Radiance
    This rich and luxurious blend of oils deeply hydrates and moisturises. Jojoba increases elasticity and softens skin and pomegranate extract protects against damage from UV light, promotes collagen synthesis and skin repair.
  1. BaoCare™ Acne SkinCare
    A synergistic blend of Tea Tree, Calendula and Evening Primrose – well-known for their soothing, skin-balancing and antimicrobial properties and high levels of linoleic acid.

Available in 50ml amber glass bottles with spray nozzle (RRP: between R152.00 – R182.00) & 10ml glass amber bottles with dropper (RRP: between R37.00 – R47.00) at all good independent health shops, Wellness Warehouse and online at as well as at

The BaoCare™ Promise

All BaoCare™ products are free from synthetic chemical ingredients, parabens and mineral oils. This range of synergistic combinations optimises baobab oil’s innate skin healing properties taking it to another level of skincare. While our 100% organic pure baobab oil has enough impressive and unique qualities to stand on its own, it also blends beautifully with other skin-enhancing ingredients, which have been carefully selected for our BaoCare™ range. The healing synergy created by combining these ingredients with selected essential oils results in healing skin solutions which work on multiple levels.

A Culture of Caring

BaoCare™ is as much about the natural skin care solutions they’ve created as the people who help to produce their range and the environment from which they source their raw materials.

The certified organic baobab oil is responsibly and sustainably wild-harvested in the Limpopo, the heart of baobab country by EcoProducts, South Africa’s first and only baobab producer. EcoProducts employs mostly women from Venda communities in the area.  EcoProducts also runs the Baobab Foundation, which sources funding to support pre-school crèches and the Baobab Guardians Program, a baobab tree planting initiative. 

Wisdom of the Baobab Tree

The legendary baobab tree can survive harsh, near desert conditions through its ability to conserve water. Unlike most trees, it can regenerate its own damaged bark, much like human skin and it’s reputed to live for thousands of years.

There’s a natural resonance in a tree celebrated for its longevity, providing oil which keeps our skin supple, healthy and ageless. And just as the baobab is able to thrive in hostile desert conditions, so baobab oil helps us to weather harsh environmental elements which dry out and damage our skin. BaoCare™ taps into the profound wisdom of sourcing our healing solutions from the same environment in which we live: Africa.

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This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.

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