Beauty Products with Indigenous African Botanicals

    With strong antioxidant and hydrating power, these plant enzymes are ideal for replenishing the skin with vital nutrients and enzymes, as well as fighting ageing.

    Aloe vera is one of the most beneficial natural botanicals one can wish to use – whether raw and fresh, directly from the long, juicy leaves of this cactus-like beauty, or as a refined cosmetic botanical extract. It is moisturising and very soothing, helping to treat and calm dry and inflamed skin.

    Kalahari melon seed oil is one of the latest cosmetic ingredient raves. In the desert, the melon fruit provides a crucial source of water for hunter-gatherers, while the oil from the seeds boasts excellent emollient, hydrating and epidermal restructuring attributes that protect skin from the effects of dehydration and other environmental aggressors.

    The prolific fruit-bearing marula tree yields a glorious oil from the seed that has been doing the cosmetic ingredient rounds for some time now. It remains a popular plant extract in various products due to its fatty acids and antioxidants profile, which makes it a great skin-nourishing, moisturising agent.

    Baobab oil, from the ‘upside-down’ tree – the largest succulent in the world – is another well-balanced African gem that is an outstanding ingredient for skin, nail and hair care treatments. It is highly penetrating and easily absorbed, moisturising and an emollient. It is considered anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic (won't cause black-heads).

    Although regular rooibos has its own legendary status for health and wellness, green rooibos extract is emerging as a cosmetic ingredient of note for stressed and dehydrated skin, due to its purported antioxidant and skin-protective properties.

    When it comes to buchu, people either love it or hate it, since the aroma of this amazing fynbos plant is very distinctive and pungent. Buchu essential oil has found a place in many modern cosmetic applications as well as in perfumery, where the somewhat ‘catty’ or ‘blackcurrant’ note can add an intriguing aromatic dimension not provided by more sweet-smelling components.

    Choose indigenous African botanicals to nourish your body's largest organ, your skin.

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