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Manifest Day by Day 

Don't judge a book by its cover and I am talking about the author. She is young and not very ‘natural’ if you know what I mean. Her inspiration for the book came from the movie The Secret. She used the scripting method to manifest some amazing things in her life. If you are feeling stuck, need help achieving your goals or want to make positive changes in any area of your life, this is the book for you. Alanis Cooper shares her secrets, and gives you the tools to manifest whatever it is you are looking for. Why not give scripting, visualisation and meditation a try? This book is available from Exclusive Books.

Book Review Manifest Day by Day

Medical Medium & Healthy Medicine

I hope you don't mind me sharing some older books with you. These gems are must-reads in my humble opinion.

Medical Medium – Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal: Anthony William has been called the Edgar Cayce of our time. He identifies the underlying causes of diseases and with his gift as a seer, shares how to prevent and combat. disease. Anthony is well know for his ability to intuitively tap into the most effective methods for healing. His book is available from Takealot.

Healthy Medicine: Dr Bernard Brom is such a pioneer in medicine and this is his philosophy and principles of natural medicine based on his experience as a medical doctor, using non-drug approaches to healing. Why do we get ill? Can we really reverse disease? Together he helps us find creative ways to promote health. As he often use to say: ‘The more health, the less ill health.’ So true, right? This book is a true gem and also available from Takealot.

Book Review Medical Medium & Healthy Medicine

Son en suurlemoene

Dr Frances le Roux is one of my favourite authors. She has written many articles for us on the role of music and physiotherapy in healing. This book, Son en Suurlemoene, was born from a journal after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015.

As one can imagine, her writing is deeply personal. Frances opens up around physical, mental and emotional challenges and victories around her diagnosis, chemotherapy and recovery.

This book is beautifully written with such clarity and so full of colour. I couldn’t put it down. I feel I know her better now and she is even more remarkable that I thought. And so brave. So very strong. I would like to share these quotes:

‘A person can only be in control once you realise that you are out of control.’
‘Yesterday and tomorrow are but thieves in our lives.’

The book is availabe here:

Son en suurlemoene

The Unkillables

When I would come home with a houseplant, my ex-husband use to say: ‘Are you going to slowly torture another one to death?' It use to annoy me because I so wanted to have our home filled with plants, but he was right. I settled on plants that thrived on neglect… and that was just sad. If only I had this book then!

In part 1 of this delightful book, the  talented author Jo, starts by asking you to find your plant soulmate. And then she walks you through the basics of caring for house plants: light, water, location, when to repot and most importantly, what to do when things go wrong!

Thanks to Jo Lambert, I am now ready to find the perfect plants for me. Just look at this little one in the picture above that I inherited when I moved into a new apartment recently. It's it not too cute and quirky? Let's all send it light and love please.

The book is available online from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

The Unkillables Book review

Mila's meals

Catherine Barnhoorn is such an inspiration! This single mom responded to the need of her baby when she realised that Mila had food intolerances to gluten and dairy. Catherine created her own recipes to feed Mila – in the days before gluten-free and dairy-free foods were readily available!

She also wanted to raise Mila sugar-free and felt other moms in a similar position might benefit from her recipes. This book was born and she self-published!

Her sound advice over 500 pages, debunks many nutritional myths, such as ‘Rice is the best 1st food for baby.’ The book is not only a baby cookbook but also for adults. Enjoy the Nana-choc ice cream and crustless quiche recipe amongst many others.

She included a very impressive glossary of ingredients, when to introduce each one, how to select, store and prepare them plus the nutritional value and if the food is a potential allergen.

As if that was not more than enough, this book also contains an appendix listing various food additives.

Milas meals


This book is a valuable oldie (2014) not to be missed, by Rob Kendall.

Why do conversations go wrong and how can we fix them? My suggestion is not to read this in one sitting but rather read and practice a chapter at a time. And then if you only remember one of the tips and apply the technique, it WILL change your relationships.

Some of the insights on offer here:

  • Stop blaming – ask what’s needed
  • Clarity – seek to understanding
  • Context
  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Practice
  • Accountability
  • Perspective
  • Being present – remove interruptions & focus
  • Language and mirroring
  • Acknowledge concerns and apologise
  • Develop clear agreements
  • Clarity – The cost of what we don’t say

Words move life – for better or worse ( in the author's tongue).

 Blame storming

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