Breastfeeding and the Environment

    It’s common knowledge that breast is best to nourish baby, and it’s good for mothers too. But did you know that it’s also the most environmentally friendly feeding option? Breast-feeding can also be a significant bonding experience.

    Here are a few tips on the most environmentally friendly and natural feeding options available.


    • Breast-milk is not only the perfect immune-boosting and nutritional formula for baby, but it’s always available, in the right quantity and at the right temperature. It creates no pollution, and none is wasted. Breastfeeding is by far the most environmentally friendly feeding option.
    • If you need to store your breast-milk, consider using a hand pump or hiring a breast pump instead of purchasing one.
    • To reduce waste, use washable/reusable nursing pads. Pads with natural materials against your skin are best. Buy these at
    • Stick to natural nipple creams that have olive oil or lanolin as their primary ingredient, e.g. 100% natural Mother & Baby Barrier Balm by Mother Nature Products.


    • If you are not able to breastfeed, consider purchasing an organic formula that does not contain genetically modified ingredients. Apli/Holle lactose-free organic goat’s milk formulas are a good option.
    • When buying bottles, select ones that do not contain bisphenol-A, an endocrine-altering substance in plastic bottles which is able to leach out when the plastic is heated and is ingested by baby during bottle-feeding. The Nuk range is BPA free.
    • It may sound obvious, but a glass bottle is a non-plastic option!


    Some babies latch on easily, making breastfeeding a breeze, but this is not always the case. Good support from a health professional is essential. And if for some reason you really aren’t able to breastfeed, it’s reassuring to know that you can still offer your baby great nutrition and eco-friendly options.

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    Editor's note: While Nature placed a mother’s breast near her heart, meaning that her milk is the food of love for the baby, breastfeeding can initially be painful. Music encourages relaxation and milk flow, and relieves anxiety, fear and tension. Read the article Breastfeeding, Physiotherapy and Music by Dr Frances le Roux.

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