Spotlight on Bone Health and supplementation

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Calcium is the principal mineral in bone, and if you don’t get enough calcium you either can’t make enough bone during growth or you tear down your bone as an adult in order to make up for what your diet doesn’t provide. Now vitamin D comes into the story, because vitamin D is necessary to help the body  regulate  calcium  absorption so that you use your food calcium with maximum  efficiency.

How to manage sinusitis naturally

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Over-use of antibiotics and cortisone sprays has led to more virulent forms of bacterial infections as well as new fungal infections of the sinus cavities. Asthma and allergic disorders often cause chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa, resulting in chronic sinusitis. About 20% of patients with chronic sinusitis may develop nasal polyps, cyst-like growths that develop from sinus tissue and may further obstruct the sinuses.

Stress & Anxiety accelerate Ageing

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Stress can impact heavily on your physical and mental health. Our innate and primeval fight/flight response is stretched to the limit due to today’s relentless modern-day stressors. Ensure your happiness and health by recognising the causes of your stress and implementing ways to rediscover your inner peace.

Looking at the Liver through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine   –  some fascinating facts

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Perhaps in no organ system is the similarity and difference between Western physiological and Traditional Chinese physiology more evident than in the TCM description of the liver. The difference is essentially that of form and function but since the liver’s known Western physiological functions are so complex, it is possible for the Western scientific mind to clearly see the bridge between body and mind that is at the heart of TCM theory. Dr Michael Tierra shares some fascinating facts when looking at the liver through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Maca – an ancient superfood

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Ancient Inca warriors believed that eating maca before going into battle would give them outstanding strength, and the stamina to continue fighting long after their enemy had given up. Studies today have proved the incredible nutritional properties of maca.

Solutions for baby with colic – AN OSTEOPATH’S VIEW

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The term colic is derived from the Greek kblikos, meaning ‘in relation to the colon’. Infantile colic is a very common disorder, defined as distress or crying in an otherwise healthy infant that lasts for more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week, for at least 3 weeks. The cause is unknown.