Understanding Canine Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases in dogs. Understanding what causes seizures and knowing how best to cope with them and how epilepsy can be treated in the longer term will help you deal with the shock of discovering that your pet is affected.

Ear Disease in Dogs

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Dr Alex Niven outlines the causes, symp­toms and treatment of outer ear infection in dogs so that you can be prepared if your best friend is afflicted with this com­mon condition.

Every dog has its day!

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Dog-lover Ann Gadd digs into what acceptable dog-walking behaviour on SA beaches entails, and offers advice on how to make your pooch a top (beach) dog.

Can I Own a Pet and Work all Day?

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Dogs and cats are sociable animals when it comes to humans, and need your attention. Don’t think that having more than one pet will be enough to replace you. Also, not all dogs and cats like other animals, so getting a ‘friend’ for your dog or cat could make matters worse. Some do cope better than others being on their own for extended periods but this very much depends on what they have been taught at a very young age. If a dog or cat has been taught to cope being alone before six weeks of age by the breeder, they tolerate isolation better than pets who haven’t been left alone at all.

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