Feed your Child’s Brain

2021-11-21T12:01:57+00:00By |Children's Corner|

You can increase your child’s intelligence, attention span, concentration, problem-solving ability, emotional response, mood and physical coordination – all the facets of intelligence – simply by changing what goes into and onto their bowls, plates and lunch boxes.

The Interactive Metronome

2021-10-20T16:35:10+00:00By |Children's Corner|

Timing in the brain is an involved and invaluable process necessary for speech, co-ordination and the learning of intricate physical and cognitive tasks. The Interactive Metronome (IM) programme provides a platform for students to focus attention and develop mental control.

Nature – a Solution to ADHD?

2021-08-24T12:07:52+00:00By |Children's Corner|

We have forgotten our interdependence within our own species as well as with other species with which we share this planet. Getting back into nature with wild animals and tribal people, who have not forgotten, can help us reconnect and remember our roots with benefits for our children.

The Business of Play

2021-07-20T16:02:00+00:00By |Children's Corner|

What is play? Play allows opportunities for physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth and is often pleasurable, spontaneous and creative. Play can reduce frightening and traumatic events; it may relieve anxiety and tension and can aid in relaxation, amusement and enjoyment.

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