Detox your Digestive System

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A detox is not as bad as you think! And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Detoxification has been used for centuries to remove toxic waste from the body. It is a safe and proven way to increase energy levels, fitness and weight loss. It may also help prevent chronic disease and slow the ageing process.

Earwax Explained

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Earwax is the body’s natural way of protecting one of its most important senses. Cerumen is a waxy oil produced by the follicles and glands that line the ear canal. When the cerumen builds up and becomes hard it obstructs the ear canal and this is what we refer to as earwax.

Transdermals Explained

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Transdermal patches allow application of a substance, such as a natural remedy or a medicinal drug, through the skin, with the aim of allowing sustained release and slow absorption of the active ingredients.

Why is there a need for a paradigm shift in medicine?

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The ancient Greek goddess Hygieia represented the concept of maintaining health, i.e. prevention of disease, and her sister Panakeia the knowledge of remedies, i.e. treatment of disease. Dr Richards highlights how these two concepts relate to the different models of medicine today, and advocates alternative modalities such as chiropractic care.

Food Intolerances – your questions answered

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I read Dr Sandi Nye’s article on grain consumption with interest, and was shocked to learn that she considers legumes, nuts, dairy products, potatoes, tomatoes, brinjals, peppers, peas, lentils and peanuts undesirable foods because they contain lectins. What are vegetarians to eat if they cut all these foods out of their diets?

Unsurpassed Brain Food

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What foods are most beneficial for the brain – and what is best avoided? Sally-Ann Creed answers this important question. Sunshine is one interesting source. She also takes a look at the most important supplements for the brain.

Diabetes and Glucosamine

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Diabetes and Glucosamine: I have diabetes and have been told I shouldn’t take glucosamine for joint pain – something to do with the fact that glucosamine is made in the body from a sugar. Will it be safe to take it and monitor my glucose levels?

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