Natural solutions for heartburn

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We all have stomach acid, and it in fact protects our bodies against bad bugs. In the case of heartburn, the delicate tissue at the entrance to the stomach is being burned by the hydrochloric acid.

Spotlight on Bone Health and supplementation

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Calcium is the principal mineral in bone, and if you don’t get enough calcium you either can’t make enough bone during growth or you tear down your bone as an adult in order to make up for what your diet doesn’t provide. Now vitamin D comes into the story, because vitamin D is necessary to help the body  regulate  calcium  absorption so that you use your food calcium with maximum  efficiency.

The difference between prebiotics & probiotics

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There is some confusion about the difference between pre- and probiotics. There are 400 – 500 types of bacteria in the digestive tract, each of which has many strains, with a total of one hundred trillion bacteria and a weight of about 2 kg (about the size of the liver). Just imagine the chaos created by a course of antibiotics!

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