Why do we over-eat?

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Our sedentary, food-abundant circumstances may be a by-product of our ‘success’ as a society, and our nutrient, emotional and spiritual deficiencies a result of our hectic lifestyles – but they clearly create imbalances, gaps and voids in our lives, often leading to overeating and obesity.

Back to our Tomato Roots

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Executive chef Christiaan Campbell and horticulturist Megan McCarthy talk about how best to grow and enjoy tomatoes. Overdose on tomatoes when they are in season, so that at the end of the season you don’t want to see another tomato. And then you can’t wait until mid-summer until the tomatoes are ripe. I don’t necessarily agree with importing our food out of season.

Pomegranate – The tree of Life

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The pomegranate is said to be the Tree of Life, and there is speculation as to whether it was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden! Its Latin name literally means ‘seeded apple’. It is a symbol of hope, one of the ‘three blessed fruits’ in Buddhism, and a symbol of resurrection in Christianity.

Salt of the Earth

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‘Pass me the salt and pepper please!’ This all too familiar phrase rings clear at most family meals. Has it become habit or is it numbed taste buds driving us to salt overuse and abuse? Or is it perhaps ignorance of the effect that salt has on our health if not used in moderation?

The Wonders of Wheatgrass!

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One of the most popular super drinks of the 21st century is wheatgrass, or 'liquid sunshine'. The famous Swiss Dr Bircher-Benner was using powerful green juices as far back as the 1800s, and it is reported that as far back as the 16th century green juices were used to help treat all kinds of disease. And of all the green juices on earth none is more nutritionally powerful than a little shot of wheatgrass.

The A to Z of Nutrition can Calm our Anxiety

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The link between nutrition and our physical health is well established. Along with a host of nutritional deficiency diseases like rickets or beriberi, it’s common knowledge that, for example, excess salt can lead to hypertension. However, the link between nutrition and our mental wellbeing is not nearly as widely accepted or understood.

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