Unlock Tension with Body Stress Release

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Body Stress Release is a gentle yet precise wellness technique that is safe and suitable for people of all ages and in all states of health. It releases stress locked in the body and enhances the body’s communication and co-ordinating abilities. John and Colleen Beck tell us how it works ...

Detox with the Docs

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Spring is known as the time for new beginnings and rejuvenation, and for the shedding of winter sluggishness and the traditional concept of ‘spring-cleaning’. It is also an ideal time to engage in cleaning up the internal environment of the body.

The Value of Life Coaching

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‘The area where we experience our greatest discomfort is also the area where we can potentially grow the most.’ Editor Daleen Totten explores Arjan Bogaers’ insightful words in an interview with him where he explains how time spent with a life coach can bring personal enrichment.

A Window into our Inner World – Live Blood Analysis

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You stare in awe at the blood cells floating lazily across the screen in front of you. The background looks like the Milky Way, occasionally studded with sparkling ‘moon rocks’. The eeriness of the scene belies the truths to be revealed about your health. This is live blood analysis.

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