News, Notes and Newsletters May 2024

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Omega-3 and anger, the feet of diabetics, know your red clover variety, feverfew and migraine, St Johns Wort natural antidepressant, arnica gel and osteoarthritis, silver as natural antibiotic, high blood pressure in children, green potatoes and evening primrose oil and c-sections

News, Notes and Newsletters October 2023

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News, Notes and Newsletters October 2023: Low dose of aspirin to reduce breast cancer risk?, Muscle targeted nutrition as first-line therapy in preventing frailty, Krill oil protects neurons from age-related degeneration, The link between morning stress and memory, Dementia benefit of the Mediterranean diet – big study, At-home saliva test diagnoses cancer, Huge therapeutic potential of psychedelics, Now, antacids must carry ‘acute kidney injury’ warning, Eczema: Cases among children and teens are rising, Toxic metals found in many popular mixed-fruit juices and soft drinks

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