Chelation Therapy

Q.: I had a biofeedback session with a naturopath and was ‘diagnosed’ with very high levels of mercury and/or other heavy metals. An expensive chelation treatment programme is being proposed, but I am not sure about this process and whether it will be effective in getting rid of the culprits. Could you please advise me? Christine Both


Toxic metals can accumulate in the body over many years. One of the most toxic is mercury, which can leak from amalgam dental fillings in the mouth or be consumed in oily fish such as tuna or salmon. Other metals such as aluminium, lead, cadmium, arsenic and nickel may be deposited in the tissues due to air, food and water pollution.

Toxic metals in the body can be detected in several ways: biofeedback, dried blood analysis and hair analysis. One of the best ways is a challenge test, which involves administration of several chelating agents, then measuring the toxic metals released in the urine. This gives a reasonably accurate measure of the level of metals in the tissues. Standard blood and urine tests are of little value in measuring chronic exposure, and will only be reliable in the case of acute intoxication.

Based on the results of the test, the practitioner can work out which chelating agents would be most effective for the particular metals revealed. Chelation can be done with herbal supplements such as chlorella and cilantro over a long period of time, or with intravenous agents such as DMPS and EDTA to obtain quicker results. The intravenous agents are very safe if given by an experienced practitioner according to international protocols.

After a period of chelation treatment the challenge test can be repeated in order to objectively assess progress and determine whether further chelation needs to be done.

I hope the information is helpful to you. Further information about chelation can be found on my website.


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Chelation Therapy

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