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    Children’s Corner

    We are particularly passionate about conscious parenting. We offer holistic approaches and comprehensive natural solutions to childhood health concerns.

    Nature – a Solution to ADHD?

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    We have forgotten our interdependence within our own species as well as with other species with which we share this planet. Getting back into nature with wild animals and tribal people, who have not forgotten, can help us reconnect and remember our roots with benefits for our children.

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    Lunch box Staples Unpacked

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    Add these to any lunch box and your child will be good to go: cheese, protein, nuts, fats and oils, vegetables, protein and nothing in crinkly paper! Say no to sweets and chocolates.

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    The 5 Most Effective Ways to Calm a Screaming Child

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    Perhaps we have forgotten what it is like to be a child and see the world as exciting. Children shriek when they are happy, they laugh loudly, they shout when annoyed, and they want to explore and discover everything around them with eager enthusiasm. Children are not mini-adults. They have big emotions and do not always know how to control them.

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    Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy – for your child

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    The brain processes sensory information so that it can be used for learning, emotions and behaviour. Currently used in occupational therapy practice and applied in paediatrics and childhood education, this approach is known as Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI®).

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    Understanding Addiction in Children and Adolescents

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    Addictive behaviour has become one of the most critical socio-cultural problems of our time affecting children as much as adults. Never before has a civilisation been affected by addictive tendencies as is happening today, and never has addiction affected children as much as it is doing so today.

    The Business of Play

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    What is play? Play allows opportunities for physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth and is often pleasurable, spontaneous and creative. Play can reduce frightening and traumatic events; it may relieve anxiety and tension and can aid in relaxation, amusement and enjoyment.

    Back to School with Happy Children

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    School is starting soon and your children are probably feeling excited, and maybe a little sad that summer is over. Some may even be feeling rather nervous and a bit anxious. But going back to school, or going for the first time, can be a calm and pleasant experience, if you, the parents, are prepared.

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