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Children’s Corner

We are particularly passionate about conscious parenting. We offer holistic approaches and comprehensive natural solutions to childhood health concerns.

Understanding Addiction in Children and Adolescents

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Addictive behaviour has become one of the most critical socio-cultural problems of our time affecting children as much as adults. Never before has a civilisation been affected by addictive tendencies as is happening today, and never has addiction affected children as much as it is doing so today.

The Business of Play

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What is play? Play allows opportunities for physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth and is often pleasurable, spontaneous and creative. Play can reduce frightening and traumatic events; it may relieve anxiety and tension and can aid in relaxation, amusement and enjoyment.

Back to School with Happy Children

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School is starting soon and your children are probably feeling excited, and maybe a little sad that summer is over. Some may even be feeling rather nervous and a bit anxious. But going back to school, or going for the first time, can be a calm and pleasant experience, if you, the parents, are prepared.

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