Chronic Electromagnetic Field Exposure & Cancer Risk
Chronic Electromagnetic Field Exposure & Cancer Risk

There is growing evidence of a link between exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which are generated by electrical currents, and cancer. For this reason we need to be more mindful of how we can limit our exposure to these fields in order to safeguard our health and the health of our loved ones.

An EMF can be linked to an invisible energy web (shaped somewhat like the contour lines on a topographical map) that is produced by electricity, which in turn creates a magnetic field. While EMFs are part of nature and in fact are radiated by the human body and its individual organs, the quality and intensity (called respectively frequency and gauss field strength) of the energy in forming this contoured web can either support or destroy health. As a general rule, EMFs generated by human-made technological devices or installations tend to be much more harmful than naturally occurring EMFs.


We are surrounded by stress-producing EMFs generated by the electrical wiring in homes and offices, televisions, computers and video terminals, microwave ovens, overhead lights, electrical poles and hundreds of motors that can generate higher than naturally occurring gauss strengths. EMFs interact with living systems in a variety of ways which can exert a major influence on tumour growth.

EMF frequency

The frequency at which an EMF is pulsed determines whether or not it is harmful; for example, the voltage of the electrical current used in homes in South Africa is 50 Hz (hertz – cycles per second). In contrast, the ideal frequencies of the human brain during waking hours range from 8 to 20 Hz, while in sleep the frequencies drop to as low as 2 Hz. The higher frequencies of EMFs generated by artificial electrical currents may disturb the brain’s natural resonant frequencies.

EMF proximity

The EMF exposure from hair dryers, heaters, electrical shavers and many other domestic and workplace appliances can be injurious to health over time, especially if usage requires proximity. Although the EMFs drop off at a distance of 5 m, people often stand or sit closer than this to the source of EMFs – typically 45 cm from computers, one to three metres from televisions and almost no distance from cellular phones.


Dr George Carlo published a book collating research showing that the developing skull of a child may be penetrated deeply by the energy emitted by a cell phone, and that the blood-brain barrier can be compromised by cell phone radiation. He describes how radio frequency radiation creates micro-nuclei in human blood cells – a type of genetic damage known to be a diagnostic marker for cancer.

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Studies of human populations have constantly found associations between domestic EMF exposure and cancer, particularly in the case of childhood leukaemia. Among adults, there is a stronger association between EMF exposure and brain cancer, and, to a lesser extent, breast cancer. At the same time, not being exposed to naturally occurring EMFs can have a negative impact on health, for they function as a kind of energy nutrient. In Japan, it was observed that the amount of time people now spend in buildings and cars (tightly enclosed spaces) reduces their exposure to the geomagnetic field of the earth and may interfere with their health.


Energies from the earth itself can have a carcinogenic effect on humans. Magnetic radiations from the earth, presumably connected with geological fractures and subterranean water veins, can, when situated underneath homes, have remarkably deleterious effects on the occupants.

The concept of geopathic, or pathogenic influences from the earth, was discovered in Germany in 1929 when Baron von Pohl made a systematic tour of the Community of Vilsbiburg. He boated all the major subterranean water veins (lying at a depth of 44 to 50 m with a width of 3 to 4 m) under Vilsbiburg, then mapped their courses onto the city street plan. He cross-checked this with the residences of the 54 recent cancer fatalities and arrived at a startling conclusion. The check of the completed map confirmed the beds of all 54 cancer death patients were where he had drawn the radiation currents.

In 1971, the theory of geopathic stress was supported by research showing that water flowing underground, especially subterranean streams that cross, produces measurable increases in magnetic anomalies. These conditions also increase electrical conductivity in the air and soil and other physical changes. While the changes may be small, though measurable (in the vicinity of 25 cm²), they are still capable of contributing to serious illness, including cancer. One large-scale study by the US government reported that geopathic stress may be a factor in 40 to 50% of all human cancers attributed to environmental radiation.


Ionising radiation consists of high-energy rays that are capable of ripping electrons from matter, causing genetic mutations that can lead to cancer. This is the type of radiation used in X-ray technology, which may explain why radiologists have historically had higher incidences of cancer than the rest of the population, as have other workers exposed to low-dose radiation.

X-rays (or gamma rays) also emanate from fluorescent lights, computer monitors and television screens, increasing exposure in the lives of most people.

John W Gofman (MD, PhD), author of Preventing Breast Cancer, estimates that about three-quarters of the current annual incidence of breast cancer in the USA is being caused by ionising radiation, primarily from medical sources. He also states that for some reason, not yet understood, female breasts are two to three times more susceptible to cancer from radiation as than other human tissues and organs.


What can we do when we're surrounded by environmental hazards in this modern age? The answer is to live carefully and mindfully, including a combination of meditation/relaxation, correct diet, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, avoid unnecessary toxins, EMF exposure and anything that can compromise the immune system.

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