Disease and Health

A healthy lifestyle incorporates a philosophy of moderation or temperance in all things.

Any perceived excess generates imbalance, with a resulting stress upon the system as a whole. Excessive eating, worry, stimulation or sloth will cause ‘defects’ in our body structure. ‘Dis-ease’ itself is a process of too much and too little – function out of time with need – like a tyre out of balance that wobbles as it spins. The light of our Soul is above such influence. Our heart wishes only to guide our life with temperance, if we allow it. Pure balance allows pure motion with minimum friction and maximum vitality. True balance allows Divinity to express pure genius.

Temperance is the desire of our Soul to fl ow effortlessly into masterpiece, an intense merging of mortal and Immortal. The secret of a blessed Life is to allow temperance to be our Guide. If the physical senses reign, ‘too much’ and ‘too little’ is usually the result. A thermostat, which is too close to a heating and cooling vent will react with opposite wild blasts of too much heat and too much cold, in a perpetual neurotic attempt to reach balance. The only ‘cure’ is to recognise the cause and adjust it.

Passion is another manifestation of the physical senses. We often mistake passion for Love, basing our belief in the latest song, movie, romance novel, or popular couple for the moment. But passion is a wild horse galloping at full speed through a forest of experience, exciting but illusive and dangerous. Love is a continuous learning process, starting before birth and growing throughout Life. Love is the sum of many years and many lives. Love brings with it stability, prudence, wisdom, courage, temperance, and abundance. Love is its own reward.

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Disease and Health

Dr John Demartini
About The Author
- He is a leading inspirational speaker, authority on human behavior, teacher and author. His knowledge and experience are a culmination of 35 years of research and study of more than 28 000 texts in over 200 disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and theology to neurology and physiology.