Dr David Nye on the dangers of statins and the cholesterol controversy

Daleen Totten interviews Dr David Nye on statins. Is the cholesterol story a myth? Are the pharmaceutical companies guilty of interpreting findings with a bias to the detriment of the patient? Statins bring down cholesterol but not improve life expectancy. Are the serious side effects of taking statins worth the risk? Cholesterol is the body’s response to too high inflammation – the real risk factor of a heart attack is stress and inflammation.

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Daleen Totten
About The Author
- As editor, publisher and founding member of Natural Medicine Magazine, Daleen believes that natural medicine is more than taking a pill for an ill philosophy. It also encompasses nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual health, exercise, and emotional and mental well-being. She is an entrepreneur and director of various companies including Natural Medicine World, Natural Medicine Market, Dreamcatcher Publications, Dreamcatcher Trade and AromAfrique. She has a passion for knowledge and strives to share the work of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in healing. She is the mother of three children.