Fall and Rise
    Fall and Rise

    We are stubborn creatures. If we refuse to learn in bliss, we most certainly will learn by amiss. Each trial is a potential stepping-stone to greatness, just as passing each test in school allows a student to graduate to more difficult grades, with increasing rewards for each success. Logically, the student then becomes the teacher for those below, as these lessons are mastered.

    A truly great Teacher serves with Love, Gratitude, and Humility toward past Masters who have gone before, paving the way, building bridges for future generations. In the stream of Life, an outstretched hand is often enough to help one to the other side. The teacher takes neither credit nor blame for lessons offered; for indeed there is nothing new under the Sun.

    Gladness of heart is its own reward, for it lets us know we can help guide another in their upward quest toward freedom.

    Nature always fills a vacuum. Our minds will eagerly fill an empty space, either with treasures or trash, just as quickly as we fill the empty closets of a new house. Our upward spiral of evolution rides the wings of Love. The curriculum of our Evolution University teaches Love as the steps of our Stairway to Heaven, for some of us fly, while others choose to walk. Whatever the means of transportation, we cannot take the next step until we learn to Love our present step unconditionally. Simply put, if we do not Love something, we continue to attract its lesson into our lives until we do Love it. Each meeting of this lesson is an opportunity to interpret it, analyse it, search for its hidden blessings, ‘Get it right this time,' and learn it so that we can graduate to the next grade. Our lesson is always Love.

    One useful truth of the Universe is that we are never presented with a problem unless we can solve it, either by ourselves or with the help of others. An orderly Universe does not hand a child struggling with addition and subtraction a complex problem in calculus, and demand that the child answer its riddle; this privilege is earned, step-by-step. Our Soul continuously makes the necessary tools and skills available to complete the job, and indeed there are really no problems, only opportunities to learn another lesson in Love. As a wise student, may we welcome our experiences bearing the appearance of adversity, for each imaginary barrier is a personal challenge to grow. Fitness training requires us to climb ropes and jump fences. May our minds become fit.

    With growth comes a greater concentric sphere of influence, responsibility, and reward. We gradually discover who we are. We discover that we are a Divine expression of our Soul, a Light of God, a Being of magnificence and beauty.

    As we travel through Life and take on the challenges of difficult experiences, Love dissolves these circumstances, and gives us greater strength. Kahlil Gibran: ‘Love grinds us to whiteness, kneads us until we are pliant, then assigns us to God’s sacred fire, that we may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.’


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