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New year new you


Food intolerances

Seva Yoga

Lower your cholesterol without drugs

His low libido

Sugar substitutes

Is non stick making us sick?

Don’t be blindsided by the sun

After sun skincare and being sunsmart

Solutions to stress-free living

Understanding tissue salts

Bamboo the wonder plant

Mindfulness meditation

Juice yourself slim

Spotlight on IBS

Natural ways to ease joint pain

Polycystic ovary syndrome

As we think, so we become

The funky lunchbox

Chakra dance

How to have abundant energy reserves

Get a head-start on the new year

Oral hygiene and dental health

How to stop cats from scratching

Supplementation during pregnancy

Homeopathic essentials

Happy feet

Salt as medicine


Natural solutions for anxiety

Avocado and its health benefits

Herbs for women


Hydration is more than just water

Sinus and allergies

Weight loss supplements: fact vs fiction

Be your fittest in 2023

Cartilage-building nutrients

The ageing brain

Irregular heartbeat

Ear problems

The benefits of vitamin E

Muscle building

A healthy children’s pantry

Steps to help you sleep

Tree sap

Chocolate & coffee – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Good nutrition & skin

Natural fibres, wooden furniture, mohair, cotton, wool


Top 10 essential oils

Alternative fertility plan

Respiratory conditions


Supplements for teens

Osteopathy for babies & children

Herbal teas for health


Health benefits of vitamin D

Boosting immunity

Essential supplementation

TCM explored

Prostate cancer

The circulatory system

Headaches and migraines

Asthma update

Essential role of mushrooms in health

Kindney stones

Healthy intestinal flora

Is dementia age related?

Rheumatoid arthritis

Tired of being tired?

Water filtration options

Ways to start a meditation practice

Help for restless legs

Acne and nutrition

Cancer protection plan

Qigong – accessing the healing power of the universe

Snoring ZZZZzzzz…


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Liver cleansing

Nutrients required as one gets older

Lower back pain solutions

An eco-friendly pregnancy

Keep your hormones happy



Healthy eating plan for children

Road rage

Functional testing

Digestive aids

ADHD – an integrative approach

Rheumatoid arthritis

Malaria – the truth about old and new remedies

Correcting drug-induced nutrient deficiency

Can we prevent cancer?

Natural anti-inflammatories

High-dose nutrition

Hang on to your hair

Guide to pet supplements

Flatten your belly (exercise, foods and tips)

Cystitis in women – natural treatment options

Electro-dermal screening

Tissue oils

The fats of life

Back to school

Manage your pain naturally

Top 5 minerals

Ergonomics and back care

Ups and downs of the thyroid gland

Red or dry eyes?

Effective solutions for eczema

Stress strategies at work


Take good care of your knees



Holding back the years

Recurrent abdominal pain

Tired all the time

The importance of vitamin C

Herbs for men

HRT & menopause – a natural approach

Did you forget to remember?

Essential remedies for all stages of life

The child in utero

Overcoming constipation

Diabetes & low blood sugar

Bladder problems

Remedies for a strong immune system

Activated charcoal and its uses

Electromagnetic field therapy

Thalassotherapy (sea therapy)

Enzymes have many uses

Your back and your posture

Make-up’s ugly secrets

Skin conditions

Natural remedies for throat

Cold sores – management and prevention

Sport & health (over training)


Emotional Health

Men’s health



Acne solutions

Chemotherapy post-immune boost

Weight loss

Signs of vitamin deficiencies

Herbalism / Phytotherapy

Massage as therapy

Winter colds and flu

pH balance and your health


Natural antibiotics

Beauty with a conscience

Exercise and muscle cramps

Alternatives to anxiety medications

Chlorophyll and spirulina

Caring for the elderly

Nutritional cost of prescription drugs

Supplements (neutraceuticals)

Honey – raw gold

Ocean vegetables

Treatment of dandruff

Depression in children

The importance of oral hygiene

Brain nutrition

Sport performance

Easing the pain of arthritis naturally

Coping with stress

Cholesterol – symptom or cause?



Pregnancy remedies


Healing with vinegar

Eye health

Detox done right

Nutrient deficiencies in children

A sweet tooth and your health

The urban farmer – growing organic veggies for your family

Top 10 must-have herbs

Remedies to drain the lymphatic system

Red wine – good for you?

Winter blues and how to manage

‘Moving freely’ (osteoarthritis)

Cold & flu remedies

Candida overgrowth

African heritage (plants)

Alzheimer’s disease

Probiotics and immunity

Foods and supplements to boost immunity

A look at formula milk

Vegetarian versus carnivore

Kidney health

Darkfield microscopy

Varicose veins

Hair, skin and nails

Natural approaches to birth control

All about grains

Get your digestion back on track


Nasties in cosmetics

Nutrition – a key to success in endurance sports


Male menopause

Prepare for pregnancy

Maximise your energy

Essential vitamin supplementation

Soap (pros & cons)

Trauma care

Multiple sclerosis

Your heart and lifestyle management

Optimise enzyme production

Tai chi

Essential fatty acids

The importance of minerals

Stress can kill you

Acute and chronic cough

The best ways to end insomnia

The acid-alkaline diet

Orthomolecular medicine

Mediterranean diet revisited

Statin drugs – the good, bad or ugly?

Low blood pressure

Naturopathic treatment for arthritis

Art & healing

The Acid-Alkaline Diet

Enhance your child’s potential

Depression – seasonal affective disorder (SAD)


Why doctors don’t know about detox

Inflammation of the bowel

Bioresonance therapy

De-age your brain

Teen beauty must-haves

Herbs for moods

Women’s sexuality

Surgery for heart disease?

Digestive complaints

Treat menstrual problems naturally

Ease joint pain naturally

Amino acids & essential vitamins

The healing power of oxygen (ozone)

ADHD & nutrition

At-home spa treatments

Not-so-clean beauty ingredients you can live without

What is homeopathy?


Ergonomics and back care

Why are allergies on the increase?

Making your home a ‘green’ home

Office essentials

Soaked in sugar – the metabolic consequences of too much sugar

Autoimmune disorders

Cancer – an integrative approach

Find the right multivitamin for you

Headache prevention and causes

Sinusitis, natural approach


Nutrient timing for peak performance

Look after your teeth

Healthy feet

Tools to optimise memory

Benefits of cold-pressed oils

Natural alternatives for depression

Effective solutions for eczema

Tackle obesity naturally

Pregnancy ailments

Is there a link between anxiety and nutrition?

Natural remedies for throat

Chemotherapy post-immune boost

Get your digestion back on track

Breast cancer & cosmetics

Sports drinks

Cleansing herbs and nutrients for the liver

Poor concentration? Causes, food, supplements and tools

Music & healing

Cost of nutrient deficiencies

Gerson Therapy

Ten tips for a healthy breakfast

Nutrition options for vegans

Panic attacks

Sleep apnoea solutions

Naturopathy in a nutshell

The runner’s high – what it means

A guide to baby’s first solids

Kidney stones


Omnipotent and impotent

Skin pigmentation

Exam stress

Flower essences

Milky way – comparing different milks

Hair and skin

Why am I so moody?

Metabolic herbs: milk thistle, fenugreek, gymnema

All about vitamins in powder form

The best foods pre- and post-exercise


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cell phone masts and schools

Summer survival kit

Medicinal mushrooms

Supermarket confusion – choosing our food

Optimum pregnancy

Depression and sexual dysfunction

African heritage (plants)

Natural approaches to prostate health

Brain health

Alternative fertility plan

A – Z holiday special

Assessing heart health

The maddening postnasal drip

What is causing your fatigue?

Diabetes – facts and management

Slim for summer


Sun smart ideas

Stay full for longer

Feeding the child in utero

Natural treatment for impotence


Dealing with wrinkles and other humps and bumps

Energy medicine

Ups and downs of the thyroid gland

Travel tips

Healthy holiday gift guide

Traditional African medicine

The healing power of fatty acids

Heartburn and indigestion

The right diet for your dog and cat

What is osteopathy?

Inflammation – friend or foe?

Bounce back from surgery

Steps to help you unwind

Wheat and gluten

Put your best foot forward

Women’s health and hormones


Maximise your morning smoothie

Bone density issues

Surviving family holiday stress

Importance of acid in the stomach

Eye health topics

Fitness action plan

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