2021 Media Kit Features


Our editorial mix includes specialist articles on all health-related issues, as well as essential information on specific health products, therapies and modalities.  Targeted adverts alongside content that is both credible and relevant to your product or service, yield the best results.


  1. Men’s health focus
  2. Sleep remedies
  3. Weight loss solutions
  4. Signs of vitamin deficiencies
  5. Post-chemotherapy immune boost
  6. Herbalism / Phytotherapy
  7. Massage as therapy
  8. Winter colds and flu
  9. pH balance and your health
  10. Parasites be gone
  11. Natural antibiotics
  12. Beauty with a conscience
  13. Exercise and muscle cramps
  14. Alternatives to anxiety medications
  15. Caring for the elderly
  16. Nutritional cost of prescription drugs
  17. Honey – raw gold
  18. Why do we need ocean vegetables
  19. Supplements for teens
  20. Treat dandruff holistically
  21. Depression in children
  22. The importance of oral hygiene
  23. The importance of brain nutritional support
  24. Soap (pros & cons)
  25. Optimise sport performance
  26. Coping with stress naturally
  27. Cholesterol – symptom or cause?
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