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8 Belly-Busting Strategies

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We all hate our belly fat, mostly because it is unsightly; however, scientists also have a special interest in belly fat because it is so different from the other parts of our bodies. The major problem with belly fat is that it is actually its own endocrine organ. It can produce hormones and inflammatory molecules, and it has enzymes that turn testosterone into oestrogen.

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The Body’s Brain Balance

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The mind – and its emotions – is a fascinating realm to work within. When we realise that the mind and body are really one entity, it becomes very easy to nourish the mind through nutrition. Ian Craig explores this fascinating subject through personal experience.

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Does Exercise Age Us ?

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A certain amount of oxidative stress is needed for adaptation to the exercise and adaptation to life. BUT, if this oxidative stress is excessive for a prolonged period, it becomes damaging to the body and potentially impacts the ageing process.

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