Footology ‒ a dream come true

    Our foot features represent our life story. Lines, wrinkles, calluses, discolourations, swellings and indents are imprints of our emotional world – of the paths we have wandered and the experiences gained along the road. The feet convey a fascinating and unique message for the footologist and the client to share.

    As a little girl I dreamed of being a great dancer to give people pleasure, or alternatively becoming a doctor to help heal people. Either way I knew I wanted to make people happy. Well, although I did some acting as a youngster I never became that prima ballerina, and neither did I become a doctor. But I did become a nurse and ultimately a practitioner of alternative healing.

    Nursing led to nursing management and nursing education, with the emphasis on staff development. I was still determined to contribute to the happiness and well-being of those around me. Life unfolds in an unpredictable manner, which led me to studying reflexology and the analysing of the foot map, which is written by thought energy and emotions, opening the door to the subconscious world.

    Once I had learned the language of the feet I applied it in a unique way and over the years developed what I practise today – Footology TherapyTM. The goals of Footology TherapyTM are twofold, firstly to build self-esteem, resilience and a positive attitude to enable us to perceive problems as challenges, and secondly to provide assistance with removing emotional blockages, which enables self-healing and wellness. The footologist is a guide in the process, working in partnership with the client by encouraging them to take responsibility for a new and holistic approach to their life.


    You will probably be surprised to learn that the soles of your feet are emotional visual display screens. Emotional changes are constantly updated on the foot screen. All thoughts have an effect on the body; this is known as mind-body interaction. These interactions are mirrored on the feet and referred to as ‘talking feet’. These writings manifest as colour changes, swellings, lines, calluses, blisters, indentations and many other prominent insignia. These features are analysed and possible meanings of interpretation are discussed with the client. Some features provide information about the client’s unique characteristics, personality traits and talents.

    Often clients are surprised by the information revealed to them, information about themselves that they have either never acknowledged or have not tapped into. Because they were the author of the script on their feet they instinctively know that what is being divulged to them is the truth. These truths may encompass information about their creativity, communication style and strengths and weaknesses. Other features provide information about the emotional well-being of the client. Many clients fear dealing with emotional issues, but Footology TherapyTM is a gentle, non-invasive and non-threatening modality.

    Emotions that are suppressed, for whatever reason, may cause energy blockages in the client’s system that can lead to emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. The client is encouraged to re-live the recalled emotion, involving all their senses in order to re-enact the event as accurately as possible. Clients are not required to verbalise the event if this causes discomfort, but are encouraged to re-experience the event internally. Features on the feet change dramatically as emotional baggage is dealt with and released.


    Suppressed emotions need to be awoken in order to recall them from the subconscious. Specific triggers are required to access the subconscious. Symbolism and icons are the key to the imaginative world of the subconscious. The Pilotage includes the physical reflexes of the anatomy of the body, and the symbolic body-mind interpretation of these reflexes, the various levels of the energy systems with their associated symbolism involving structure and colouring. Think of the pilotage as a bunch of keys, but only one unique key will unblock a specific emotion in a particular client’s subconscious. For this reason only the client has the ability, under the guidance of the footologist, to unlock the suppressed and troublesome emotion. Think of the pilotage as being a small but strong tug that is guiding a large ship into deeper waters or a safe harbour, or simply the footologist accompanying the client along the path to healing and wholeness.


    An elderly gentleman was brought to see me by his daughter. She was special to me because she had been my very first client. I soon became good friends with her father, and even now, many years after his passing, I still feel his warmth, his love and his wonderful wisdom. His right heel was in a terrible state, with an extremely thick and sore callus, which had cracked wide open and was bleeding. He could hardly walk. His family had tried all kinds of remedies. I started to guide him along his footpath to discover the emotional origin of his painful feet. Pain often represents guilt, while bleeding symbolises the draining of energy – resulting in exhaustion. There was a long pause and silence after I said, ‘Now that I have suggested the possible meanings of your painful calluses, does anything I have said resonate with you?’

    ‘Oh yes,’ he said after a while, ‘I now understand the cause.’ He had a sister living in England, who was very religious. He, however, had developed his own philosophy and was living his life accordingly. The sister had never forgiven him for ‘losing the faith’ and had broken all channels of communication with him. At 88, in the twilight years of his life, he felt very frustrated and did not know what to do about his sister. ‘Write a letter,’ I suggested. She would not read the letter. ‘Phone?’ She would not speak to him. I sensed his anger and frustration and suggested that he should write the letter anyway, as it would be therapeutic for him. I suggested that the letter be detailed and that he should get everything off his chest. By writing the letter, he manifested the thoughts that had lodged in his subconscious for so many years. Letting go of those old, guilt-ridden memories enabled him to make peace with himself – the cracks on his heels healed in a few days.

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