Huna the secret knowledge
    Huna the secret knowledgeHuna the secret knowledge

    What began as learning an amazing massage technique called Kahuna or Lomi Lomi massage has evolved into a fascination with the spiritual knowledge of ancient Hawaii. Applying this knowledge in my daily life has led to numerous personal transformations.

    Huna the secret knowledge

    While traveling in Hawaii recently, I experienced a strange and inexplicable sensation in my body. Occasionally, without any particular reason, I would be overcome with a sensation of joyful, bursting energy that started in the pit of my stomach and rose through my torso, culminating in powerful laughter that filled my entire body with pins and needles from my toes to the hair on my head! Initially, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening because it felt beyond my conscious control. I was thrilled to be in Hawaii, the birthplace of the knowledge I was pursuing, but this experience was extraordinary and beyond my usual physical sensations. I now believe that I was experiencing the pure joy of following my heart, of beautifully embracing the present moment and everything within and around me.

    I was determined to absorb every aspect of my journey, on every level, so that I could bring this memory and energy back home with me to share with as many people as possible. To achieve this, I employed some Huna techniques — expanding my physical senses to absorb more information than usual. With each breath, I observed everything around me: every scent, distant sounds, the sensation of my feet touching the ground, and the texture of objects I touched. By taking time to appreciate everything, I experienced sensations within me that were profoundly powerful and captivating — far beyond what I had previously imagined.

    Huna is an ancient philosophical system that enables one to perceive oneself in the context of the world. Some believe it to be the original source of mystical knowledge that later spread worldwide. The term ‘Huna' means ‘secret' or ‘hidden', not because it was intentionally kept secret, but because it is often unseen or not easily perceived. Huna encompasses a comprehensive system of principles that can be integrated into existing beliefs and interpreted individually to enhance personal understanding. What distinguishes Huna is its practicality — each principle is accompanied by various exercises to facilitate their application, making it accessible to everyone.

    What inspires me about Huna is its broader focus beyond individual development and enlightenment — it extends to harmonising relationships, communities, and the world at large. In Huna, the guiding ethic is love or ‘aloha', which involves creating happiness and sharing it with others.

    Therefore, Huna principles are not merely theoretical but designed to inspire action — a dynamic path, embodying love in action, the path of the adventurer, and the shamanic path of the kupua. Each principle is complemented by a shamanic technique to manifest harmony by harnessing inner powers of perception to influence external reality.

    For instance, consider the shamanic practice of aloha. Recognize that everything is alive, aware, and responsive; you are part of this interconnectedness. In everyday situations — like waiting at a red light or standing in a queue — express appreciation or blessings, acknowledging the efforts of others to make life better. This is the aloha spirit — an approach that has been used to heal, increase abundance, nurture loving relationships, and establish a global network of peacemakers.

    The foundational knowledge of Huna is distilled into seven principles, each empowering a specific shamanic technique to create harmony:

    • Ike – the world is what you think it is
    • Kala – there are no limits
    • Makia – energy flows where attention goes
    • Manawa – now is the moment of power
    • Aloha – to love is to be happy with
    • Mana – all power comes from within
    • Pono – effectiveness is the measure of truth

    Huna encompasses a psycho-spiritual system — one of the oldest and most comprehensive on the planet. Its spiritual psychology posits three selves within each individual, and it elucidates human behavior and experience through interactions among these selves — akin to the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious (or higher self).

    The practice of aloha is particularly appealing within Huna — a deeper concept representing joyful sharing of life energy in the present, aligning one with universal power or ‘mana'. By embracing this energy, individuals can achieve true health, happiness, prosperity, and success.

    The ancient kahunas bequeathed us the illuminating wisdom of Huna and effective tools for transforming lives and the world. I invite you to rediscover and explore this ancient wisdom — it promises a captivating journey of self-discovery and understanding the universe. Expand your senses, appreciate the beauty around you, and experience the aloha spirit within your soul!

    Huna the secret knowledge

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