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Improving Health

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Our experts integrate the most successful approaches to health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of ill health. If you have a specific health concern or serious condition, this section is for you!

Signs and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis tends to creep up on you, gradually increasing over months or years. Stiff and painful joints are the main symptoms. The pain tends to be worse on exercising the joint and at the end of the day. Joints tend to be stiff after resting but this usually passes in just a minute or two as the joint gets moving again. A joint may not move as freely or as far as normal, and often 'creaks' or 'cracks' when moved.

Lower your Risk for Heart Disease

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In the past, many more men than women died from heart disease, but in recent years the numbers have evened out, with more women than men dying from strokes. For most people over 50, having cancer or losing one’s memory holds the greatest fear, but in fact more people die prematurely from diseases of the heart and arteries than anything else – roughly half from heart attacks and a quarter from strokes.

Gut Instincts Guiding You to Health

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The gastro-intestinal system is a complex, intriguing and wondrous organ: it has components that have not only evolved with us throughout history but that we now understand play an integral role in well-being and health in many ways.

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

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Are you tired, overweight, anxious and despondent? Do you believe that no one can help you get better? Are you depressed because no one understands your condition? Do you feel as if your thyroid gland is under-active, yet all the tests are normal? Are you always cold? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these, you may be suffering from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

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Urinary Tract Infections – causes and treatments

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the second-most common infection in women and as such their causes and treatment options deserve attention here. Most cases of UTIs can be cured by a course of antibiotics aided by increased fluid intake. The problem lies with those sufferers who have recurring infections, often due to poor inner self-healing. These are more likely to develop serious kidney problems if the chronic infection is not dealt with effectively.

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Osteoporosis and your Skeleton – use it or lose it

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The word osteoporosis (from the Greek for ‘bone’ and ‘pore’) tells us that the affected bones have holes in their structure. Osteoporosis has been called the ‘silent disease’, progressing without any outward sign, sometimes for decades, until a fracture occurs. Today, regular bone mineral density (BMD) tests have broken this silence – the disease is now in the open, a challenge to be overcome with specific nutrition, supplements, medicine and exercise.

Creating Conditions for Adrenal Regeneration

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All chronically ill people have adrenal dysfunction and the adrenals regenerate in most cases when all relevant oxygen-related elements are addressed. Adrenal support (supplementation) is often necessary for months, sometimes for longer periods, during adrenal recovery.

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Manage PMS and Painful Periods Naturally

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Many women suffer severely from premenstrual syndrome with period pain, but there aren’t many GPs or gynaecologists who really take these problems seriously. Nutritional and lifestyle changes, as well as neutriceuticals and herbal remedies, provide many options to manage your health challenge.

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Taking the Ache out of Arthritis Naturally

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Joint cartilage consists of chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen. Nutrition supplements for joint health usually contain these components, so it may be useful to include a targeted supplement alongside an anti-inflammatory diet to support joint health and mobility.

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Death Begins in the Colon

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I believe that the source of inflammation in chronic diseases lies in the gut. The now famous quote ‘Death begins in the colon’ originated with the Russian Nobel Prize- winning biologist Elie Metchnikoff (1845 - 1916), who postulated that the toxic by-products of the bowel bacteria are responsible for many diseases.

Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

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Physicians realise that inflammation in the walls of arteries is probably the most important risk factor in cardiovascular disease, more important even than cholesterol levels.

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