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Improving Health

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Our experts integrate the most successful approaches to health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of ill health. If you have a specific health concern or serious condition, this section is for you!

Prepare your Immune System for Winter

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The immune system is key to our overall well-being and when its function is impaired, it usually tends to disrupt our health in more ways than one. A cold or the flu often occurs when immune function is compromised, but a flagging immune system can also manifest in more sinister ways – from autoimmune disease to cancer.

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Identify and Beat Depression Naturally

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Do you feel sad, empty, fatigued? Are you experiencing a loss of interest in everyday activities, do you suffer from insomnia or sleep excessively, have you noticed significant changes in your weight? Do you feel worthless, hopeless, lonely, apathetic and miserable? These can all be symptoms of depression. If you feel this way, the good news is – you don’t have to!

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