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Improving Health

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Our experts integrate the most successful approaches to health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of ill health. If you have a specific health concern or serious condition, this section is for you!

The Microbiome & Internal Balance

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The human microbiome, which is comprised of all the microorganisms (the microbiota) that live on and in humans, plays an essential role in determining good health. Microbes cover every surface of our bodies, inside and out. They’re on our skin, inside our noses, mouths, whole respiratory tract, plentiful in our digestive tract, reproductive system, and so on. These microscopic life forms consist of thousands of species and outnumber our own 50 trillion cells by about 10 to one.

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Fodmaps & Gaps in the Management of IBS

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While dietary changes may be the most difficult to make and implement, the benefit is that they may ultimately offer a long-term solution to a very difficult and debilitating condition. Neither GAPS nor low FODMAP are intended as life-long diets. Once healing has taken place and there has been a resolution in symptoms, the hope is to move onto a less restrictive and nutrient-dense diet. If implemented correctly, they certainly won’t cause any harm and may offer a sustainable solution in a difficult economic climate.

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Irritable Bowel or Gut Imbalance?

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Because irritable bowel syndrome has such a wide range of symptoms, the diagnosis has become something of a ‘catch-all’. Before you start any medication regimen it’s therefore essential to rule out other conditions that may be causing your digestive problems.

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Prepare your Immune System for Winter

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The immune system is key to our overall well-being and when its function is impaired, it usually tends to disrupt our health in more ways than one. A cold or the flu often occurs when immune function is compromised, but a flagging immune system can also manifest in more sinister ways – from autoimmune disease to cancer.

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Identify and Beat Depression Naturally

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Do you feel sad, empty, fatigued? Are you experiencing a loss of interest in everyday activities, do you suffer from insomnia or sleep excessively, have you noticed significant changes in your weight? Do you feel worthless, hopeless, lonely, apathetic and miserable? These can all be symptoms of depression. If you feel this way, the good news is – you don’t have to!

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