Inversion Therapy – the Simple Solution to Back Pain and Poor Posture

An alternative solution for back pain and bad posture is non-invasive, non-forceful Inversion Therapy, which was used as early as 400 BC by Hippocrates, who suspended patients upside down on a ladder, to allow gravity to exercise therapeutic traction.

In the 1960s, Dr Robert Martin (an osteopath, chiropractic and medical doctor) introduced the ‘Gravity Guidance System’, which incorporated Inversion Therapy in a variety of medical disciplines. It is used to ease the pressure on compressed or herniated discs and generally release tension from the spinal column.

The vertebral column or spine has 24 lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae. The vertebrae are separated and cushioned by intervertebral discs, which are designed to carry the stress of gravity and day-to-day activity. But this is only as strong as its weakest link.

An Inversion Table is an adjustable ‘platform’ onto which a person is secured and then easily manoeuvred from an upright position and through the various degrees of inversion, until the body is inverted. Technically, the balance of the Inversion Table is so precise that control of the rotation can be affected by simple arm and leg movements.

Inversion aids the correction of misalignment caused by asymmetrical occupational or recreational activity, and contributes to the restoration of our physical posture. Most of our lower back pain (90%) is postural.

Inversion Therapy reduces back pain, compression on discs, facet joints and nerves, muscle spasm, stress and tension, unwanted effects of ageing and congestion and stagnation. Inversion therapy improves blood circulation, lymph drainage, the relaxation of muscles, mobility and flexibility, cerebral functions and balance and coordination.

The benefits of regular and appropriate use of Inversion Therapy will prevent and/or treat low grade, accumulative wear and tear and injury to our intervertebral discs, facet joints, ligaments and tissues.

We have a choice of Inversion Tables, from basic to upmarket Tables.

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