July 2021 Volume 2 / Issue 158

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    Natural Medicine World Magazine Issue 158
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    Editor's Letter

    Menopause, yoni steaming and the witches

    Are you giggling or do I have your back up? It is interesting to observe the reaction in oneself at a few words placed next to each other. But seriously, what is my point?

    Was it hallucinogenic plants used by the witches during yoni steaming that made them ‘fly’ due to tropane alkaloid intoxication? Now that is the topic of an upcoming article.

    Could a hot flush be the result of the ‘ignored’ pituitary gland as it fires its message: ‘make an egg!’ to the ovaries repeatedly, but in vain?

    We know that the pineal gland can alter the behavior of the pituitary gland. Is it possible for the pituitary gland to affect the pineal gland? Could intuition be strengthened by the ‘overactive’ pituitary, stimulating our pineal gland? Is this one reason why our spiritual and dream life awakens during peri-menopause and menopause?

    Menopause may result in you being tired, irritable, feeling down, lacking sleep and struggling with headaches or migraines. Now spare a thought for what your partner is going through! But then, as with everything in life, there is an upside. Menopause can also be a rewarding time with a rich dream world, enhanced spiritual life, sharper intuition and related abilities you have only dreamt of before.

    In addition to you doing your own research, read the outstanding article on menopause by Dr Bernard Brom in this week’s newsletter.


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    Yours in Healthy Living

    Daleen Full Signature Daleen Totten

    Support for the Child that Struggles to Concentrate

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    There are alternatives to conventional drugs that can address ADHD. Control sugar consumption, since sugar can affect brain co-ordination. Also, look out for allergies, whether his symptoms are related to ADHD or not, as yellow, red and blue food dyes, citrus fruit, peanuts, cow’s milk and tomatoes are often implicated in allergies, particularly for ADD and ADHD sufferers. Dr Sandi Nye offers some advise.

    The Body’s Brain Balance

    By |2021-07-09T12:26:50+00:00July 8th, 2021|

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    The mind – and its emotions – is a fascinating realm to work within. When we realise that the mind and body are really one entity, it becomes very easy to nourish the mind through nutrition. Ian Craig explores this fascinating subject through personal experience.

    Key Nutrients for Teens

    By |2023-08-15T15:34:19+00:00July 13th, 2021|

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    Adolescence is a crucial period of rapid change. A focus on sensible nutrition during these years can help to lay the foundation for a long and healthy life. This article highlights the role of key nutrients and where best to find them.

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    As editor, publisher and founder of Natural Medicine World and Natural Medicine Magazine, Daleen has been researching and publishing on natural health spanning over 25 years. She has an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of health and natural products. She has a passion for knowledge and strives to share the work of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in healing. She is the mother of three children.

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