July 2021 Volume 4 / Issue 160

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    Natural Medicine World Magazine Issue 160
    NMW Cover August 2021 Issue 160Scientist Dr Tess Little on the memory of water & the effect of light on water
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    Editor's Letter

    Is your mental health a priority?

    I was shocked to learn that the US gymnastic superstar, 24-year-old Simone Biles, withdrew from the women's team competition at the Tokyo Olympics this week. She was not physically injured and cited ‘mental health concerns as her reason for withdrawing. This has certainly helped to dispel the stigma that remains around the issue and highlights the immense pressure she is feeling just underneath her beaming smile and calm, strong-as-nails exterior.

    Mental health and emotional well-being are key components to our health and we must make it a priority. It is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have a something. If we talk about it, we will soon learn that we are not so unique in how we struggle through life. We can support each other, understand one another and learn to accept our human-ness. As Simone has just discovered, it is ok to say that you are not ok. Despite having the eyes of the world on her and expecting her to perform and win, she bowed out. If she can do it, so can we. We are proud of her and grateful too. Let the healing begin.


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    Yours in Healthy Living

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    The Ageing Sensitivity Skin

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    Skin sensitivity is not uncommon as one ages – this is a bit of an anomaly, since at a sensory level skin sensitivity may decline with age. So not only do ageing folk sometimes experience a diminished sense of touch, i.e. feel less, we also tend to become hypersensitive to external stimuli (chemicals in your case), or other environmental aggressors. In addition, the skin starts to thin as the epidermal barrier decreases, due to the ageing process and hormonal changes.

    Finding One's Passion Again

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    Judy had suffered from depression for many years and was taking antidepressants when she came to see me. She had got used to the effects – feeling less excitable, but less anxious, less negative and dark – and felt good about at last being able to handle stress, even if she did so with the feeling that she did not really care what happened.

    8 Belly-Busting Strategies

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    We all hate our belly fat, mostly because it is unsightly; however, scientists also have a special interest in belly fat because it is so different from the other parts of our bodies. The major problem with belly fat is that it is actually its own endocrine organ. It can produce hormones and inflammatory molecules, and it has enzymes that turn testosterone into oestrogen.

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    This strange land

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