June 2021 Volume 2 / Issue 153

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    Natural Medicine World Magazine Issue 153
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    Editor's Letter

    If you snooze you lose

    Thank you for the feedback we’ve received so far on the two issues we have published. Many of you our readers, the industry and authors love it. We are so happy! Thank you too, for the nostalgic notes about our print magazine Natural Medicine, that is no more. We love that you kept the print copies and we so enjoy looking at our statistics as we see how many times you visit our website and which articles you enjoy.

    I ponder on the statement: ‘If you snooze, you lose’. Now I wonder if the word ‘ponder’ was coined because it is so easy to ponder next to a pond? I looked it up. Ponder comes from the French ponderare which means to weigh, balance, ponder. Next time you waste your health, you may want to ponder the side effects? Now I ponder if I will use the word ponder differently from now on…

    ‘If you snooze, you lose’ in my opinion, is not entirely a true statement. It is in the missing out and living through loss, the making of mistakes and the missed opportunities that we grow and discover what truly matters. If snoozing brings more gratitude and humility, I'm all for it!


    We ask a doctor if the side-effects of taking statins are worth the risk. We find ways to ease colic in crying babies and the secrets to living to a ripe old age. Feeling sluggish? You may be in need of a detox. The docs tell us how. Is snoring keeping you awake? Is it affecting more than your sex life? And what is really the problem with grain consumption?

    Enjoy and please keep the letters and feedback coming!


    Our authors receive no payment or any other form of remuneration from us or from the industry. They take time out from their busy schedules to write articles – and then we insist that they meet our deadlines, submit extra references, answer endless queries from reviewers and copy editors, and respond to the letters we receive from you, our readers. Here’s to all of them! May their tireless and tremendous efforts bring them well-deserved rewards.

    Yours in Healthy Living

    Daleen Full Signature Daleen Totten

    Detox with the Docs

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    Spring is known as the time for new beginnings and rejuvenation, and for the shedding of winter sluggishness and the traditional concept of ‘spring-cleaning’. It is also an ideal time to engage in cleaning up the internal environment of the body.

    The Problem with Grain Consumption

    By |2024-04-10T11:48:12+00:00November 10th, 2017|

    Table of Contents |

    If you support the idea that ‘bread is the staff of life’, you may change your mind after examining some facts about how it can affect the human gut, as well as other body systems. Even high-fibre or wholegrains may contain some surprising substances that don’t do the body any good.

    You CAN Live to Be 100!

    By |2022-01-20T18:51:26+00:00May 13th, 2021|

    Table of Contents |

    According to the Danish Twin Study, only about 10% of the length of an average person’s life is dictated by our genes. The other 90% is determined by our lifestyle. So, in theory, if we can come up with the optimal formula for a good lifestyle, we can come up with the formula for longevity.

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    About the Author:

    As editor, publisher and founder of Natural Medicine World and Natural Medicine Magazine, Daleen has been researching and publishing on natural health spanning over 25 years. She has an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of health and natural products. She has a passion for knowledge and strives to share the work of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in healing. She is the mother of three children.

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